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Rare phenomenon was recorded in the milky way

Редкое явление было зафиксировано в Млечном путиScientists admit that today the information about “wandering” black holes is extremely small.

A team of researchers from Japan for a long time watching a black hole located in the gas cloud.

The speed of movement of such object is almost 100 km/s. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Watching the cloud of gas, which is racing through the milky way, the researchers saw a black hole in his reflection. It should be noted that “wandering” black holes are still a mystery to astrophysicists, because information about this facility absolutely no.

A black hole is a kind of “universal predator”, which literally destroys everything in its path. The main part of the expanding gas cloud moves with the speed of fifty km/s, and narrow – 120 km/s. According to astrophysicists, under normal conditions, the energy cloud should not be formed. The study of such a facility will help to find a method to identify dangerous space “predators”.

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