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Psychologists: meditation make people selfish

Психологи: медитации делают из людей эгоистовBritish psychologists claim that the increasingly popular practice of mindfulness meditation makes people more selfish. According to experts, such people are more likely to focus on themselves, forgetting about the others.

She believes that as a result of meditation, many people begin to over-analyze your own life, why be a classic introvert, focused solely on their own feelings and experiences. Other people’s problems become less important and relevant.

Is mindful meditation, which requires a dive in yourself, Dr. grey recommends psychological unloading in groups and various communities, including religious. This should help to effectively cope with stress and not lose the feeling of empathy. The expert believes that religion brings people together and meditation divide, making them selfish. Naturally, it happens not with all, and in many cases lovers of meditation, imbued with sympathy for the world. But the risk to withdraw into themselves and become more selfish fans of this practice of dealing with stress higher than the fans group meetings.

Dr. grey says that conscious meditation makes people more aware of their negative emotions, and this has a destabilizing effect. When people look inside themselves, they can feel the negativity, because they have a live chat with others to get rid of worries and to maintain mental health.

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