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Proletarian news from 12.02.2020 G.:

Пролетарские новости от 12.02.2020 г.:

The issue:
1. Frost
2. The prices are higher
3. “Feeder”
4. “Effective”
5. Promises

The PLOT №1
Russian science will freeze funding for 5 years. To accelerate the economy to the so-called global economy and to make a technological leap, as required by the may decrees of the President, the Russian government plans no significant increase in spending on civil science, the chamber has found.
Every year the powers that be under capitalism, more and more “frozen forever” all possible social safeguards under the next the pretext that sweat and blood were reclaimed by our ancestors and socialism.

The PLOT №2
In connection with the distribution in China of coronavirus, in Transbaikalia medical masks has risen by almost 10 times.
“We have information that yesterday the mask was worth 1 ruble 20 kopecks, and in the evening they were sold for 10 rubles”, — said the Deputy Chairman of the government of the region AGMA Vanchikova. In addition, residents of the Far East announced a sharp jump in food prices on the background of the situation with the Chinese coronavirus. Fruits and vegetables significantly increased in Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and Blagoveshchensk. The townspeople say that prices rose 2-3 times. For example, a kilo of tomatoes in the local distribution networks is now worth more than 500 rubles.
Epidemics, war, disaster capitalism is always evaluated as the best earnings on the troubles of everyone else. What we see today in the media fear mongering about the disease spreading in China.

The PLOT №3
Severo-Kavkazskiy branch of the departmental security of the Ministry of energy ordered a sticker that says “Obama is chmo”, as well as the bat, barbecues regular and one-off, the key icon “a prayer for the driver” and the key chain VIP, taxi sign. Only the tender includes more than 10 thousand positions.
The budget of the bourgeois Russia like a trough, having reached which bureaucrats perform any of its whims, from Executive cars to stickers and keyrings.

The PLOT №4
The chamber has evaluated the strategic planning system in the government and considered it ineffective. The auditors reviewed the strategic plans of Federal agencies in the years 2019-2024, and found that none of them meets the requirements, as their plans included, only 26% of the indicators of government programs and subprograms for which they are responsible. Of the indicators of the national and Federal projects in the plans accounted for 55%.
Here they are – “efficient” capitalist managers! They not only carry out the plan, but also deliberately understate it! While at the time, constantly sling mud at the Soviet authorities managed to organize the work so that the planning Commission not only fulfilled, but overfulfilled at high and strict requirements and supervision.

The PLOT №5
The effects of coronavirus can cost the economy of the Russian Federation in 0.1-0.2 percentage points of growth, but at the expense of other capabilities of these losses can be avoided and even increase the growth rate, told reporters the head of the accounts chamber of Russia Alexei Kudrin. “The pace of economic growth will be affected, but only slightly: within one or two tenths… In one we will lose, but there are other possibilities,” said Kudrin, answering a question about possible implications of the coronavirus for the Russian economy.
Bourgeois hangers-on from time to time promise to build the economy, increase growth rates, to start import substitution. Before they did so amid the sanctions, now against the background of the epidemic in China. Only here the promises remain promises.

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