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Popular fruit could disappear forever: scientists are sounding the alarm

Популярный фрукт может навсегда исчезнуть: ученые бьют тревогуScientists said the threat of the disappearance of the banana plantations

Malignant Sigatoka fungus can completely destroy the so popular throughout the world fruit, like a banana. The reason for the mass spread of fungus is global warming, which contributes to its reproduction in the banana plantations.

In particular, it is reported that a dangerous fungus Sigatoka greatly affects banana trees, which negatively affects the yield. The fungus literally “eats” the plant leaves. As a result, the tree loses about 80 percent of the fruit.

Naturally, the decrease in harvest can result in a significant increase in the price of bananas. Besides, to protect the plants from fungus uses expensive chemicals, that may also affect the value of the fruit.

“This is a very expensive country (Costa Rica – Ed.) About 100 million dollars a year,” explained the teacher of the microbial ecology of the University of Exeter’s Dan Bebber.

The fungus was first detected in Honduras. Over time it has spread in Brazil, the Caribbean, and has recently been identified in the United States.

Every year the risk of infection of banana plants this malignant fungus increases. This is due to the increase in humidity and change in temperature across the planet.

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