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Polite Gopnik: as officials of the Kuzbass independent press business

Вежливые гопники: как чиновники Кузбасса отжимают независимый бизнес

Today, the state is essentially a bully, which allowed everything that it wants, and when it you have been robbed – no one takes your rights: go to courts at least until the end of the century.

The Kuzbass businessman and activist Vyacheslav Chernov shared the latest news associated with his travel business in the Sheregesh ski resort.

On the ground, where there are facilities built to draft, claimed a local coal tycoon, which in itself makes the fight useless, because he enjoys the unconditional support of the concerned officials. To solve Chernova was invited to meet the Deputy Governor of the Kemerovo region. Chernov writes on this subject:

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“I try to explain that I’m a nobody and my business is unimportant, and coal oligarch – the value of his business interests are paramount. So I have to agree with the demolition of their premises and to give the land to fat cat.

For four years they lead preparations for raider attacks and suddenly decided to talk. Why would it. I do not understand these people. Well, I decided to take away – so act drove the bulldozer forward – you have the power and strength of the structure dance to your tune, why are these strange meaningless conversations?


If you talk, your actions will be more legitimate and fair.

And you know, what you expect, but still hope for some crumbs of sanity and shred of conscience in people. At Kuzbass authorities. An oxymoron of course, but well, I will go and listen…”


And so the meeting was held. Very curious about its details, about how there is a “filter” other people’s business, the author writes:

“Information about the results of my meeting with the Deputy Governor has a high public profile, so the report.

What’s not to like.

Old stopping bureaucratic record: “I’m a new man, for what happened to me can not answer, I personally configured for constructive”.

This is the most lousy in Putin’s system, so how you live on their land and love their entire lives, and officials come and go and nobody bears any responsibility for the actions of the previous one. It puts you before necessity to do business in the conditions of any personalized relationship with the people who are pursuing their short-term interests, stemming from the distinctive configuration of the relations established at the official, shortly after his appointment.

Then changing the composition, changing the configuration of the connections, changing interests and preferences of official and you’re always in a state of turbulence.

About any stability and development, of course, in such circumstances, can not speak.

Newly promoted officer as a soldier is forced to execute the order of the chief and the execution order is the only factor that provides or ruining his future career. Professional, skillful performance of official duties has absolutely no value – only of assignments.

Unfortunately for me, this assignment was the destruction of my beloved business.

What we liked.

The officer behaved very correctly, bravely endured all my explicit statements and never took the opportunity to “push authority”.

But this I will attribute to the fact that people still new and did not have time to soak the Kuzbass bureaucratic flavor.

What came.

To make each for its part, the evaluation of the object.

I believe this path is a dead end, what is right announced. I have on hand will be the market valuation of the business. The Kuga, which will evaluate by the administration, will be the paper equivalent to the cadastral value. Then we sit opposite each other and begin to clap eyes because of the substantial differences of numbers.

Why I agreed to take this step, expressing a potential willingness to accept compensation for the demolition?

The main reason is the reluctance to conduct business on the “North Korean” resort to criminal Russian flavor.

Imperious regional grouping’s got a stranglehold on the city and will not stop until they strip it from the presence of persons not of their circle. Will remain only friends, thugs and petty scavengers who will be spinning on the gray schemes under the wing of a “group”.

To any decent person this sickening atmosphere and try to gain a foothold inside of this rotten stock, becoming one of its ingredients – is detrimental to the individual.

So, if you have the opportunity at this stage to leave this godforsaken place with minimal losses – it is reasonable that opportunity.

However, the reasons for optimistic forecasts that it will be possible to disperse quietly and peacefully, I have not yet seen.

The administration is not subject to the free market and in any case will not agree to pay those costs, which could make the transaction voluntary on my part.

The second reason is the de facto moratorium on the development and reconstruction of my objects, which lasts for over five years, and conduct business without development, I’m not interested. The only factor that guarantees the possibility of development, has become corruption, and the corruption and self – incompatible.

I was gently informed that there is a “second way” if I resolutely refuse to agree to the demolition.

What it is, I did not specify, but I suspect that further developments, we will inevitably send this “second way”.

I guess it’s treacherous demolition with subsequent endless courts.

My friend asks, puzzled – but they have no such right, to take and carry.

Listen – tell him – the bully is also no right to serve you in the stairwell on the valve head, but when he really need, he does not think about their rights, just beats and takes your wallet, and then all your services – hospital, police, courts – go and seek justice.

Unfortunately we are today the whole country came to the conclusion that the state represents such a bully, which allowed everything that it wants. And when you have been robbed – please, no one takes away your rights – walk on Putin’s courts at least until the end of the century.

In General, while so. In connection with the above, I would be grateful if you suggest me any qualified organization that is able to professionally carry out the market valuation of my business. As I understand it, the specifics of this work is that the organization can be anywhere, the main thing – to work, had legal force, including to protect the legitimate interests in court.

I don’t know how to be an unscrupulous scoundrel, even for a moment. if I were capable of it, today I would be the best friend of the authorities and would not have any obstacles to the implementation of their plans…”

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