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Petrol vs diesel: why you should never be afraid of diesel

Бензин против дизеля: почему не нужно боятся солярки

When choosing a car, prospective owners pay close attention to the type of engine. As a rule, the choice is limited to a gasoline or diesel engine. Before the majority of owners were very negative impressions of the diesel engine, but today it becomes the most chosen type of engine.

At the end of last century there were many myths and stories about the shortcomings of diesel engines. However, modern technology has achieved a high level of fuel quality. The design of the engine changed dramatically, and the price of diesel exceeds the cost of gasoline.

All the problems of diesel engines, associated with winter, has long since been solved in production. Studies show that diesel fuel has the property of freezing at minus 10 degrees. Soon the formula of the fuel was altered, allowing for the type of fuel to withstand temperatures to minus 50 degrees.

Then diesel fuel, withstands extremely low temperatures, called Arctic fuel. Soon enough this type of fuel approved, and he received the Euro-5 standard.

Also earlier it was all known fact that a diesel motor long start when cold temperatures and unstable running at idle. Today the whole process is fully controlled by automation. The engine performs the work rather quickly and have no problems in continuous operation.

Diesel does not require much time to warm up the engine. Technology advanced diesel fuel to a new level, allowing you to dial the operating temperature in 3 minutes. In addition, the diesel engine is a very large resource that allows you to use the car for a long period of time.

10 years ago diesel engines had a characteristic loud sound, resembling a tractor. Today it is one of the quietest engines. The vibration of the internal combustion engine also disappeared and compare it with a gasoline analogue sounding will be almost impossible.

Due to the electronic injection characteristics of diesel engines has improved significantly. Later was added a balancer shaft and an improved soundproofing. Thus, the diesel engine has a high-quality comfort that is sure to impact the long drive.

In addition, diesel engines have received adequate pricing. If early to buy a diesel no one wanted because of expensive service, today diagnosis and any repair work of the diesel engine do not differ in price from the gasoline unit.

With the advent of turbo-supercharging the diesel engine, much has changed for gasoline engines. First, diesel has gained great reliability, and, secondly, increased the power of their engines. Now diesel options applicable even for sports options and can often show better results in comparison with gasoline.

The last improvement concerns the harmfulness of the gases coming out of diesel fuel. Previously it was fuel with an unpleasant odor, but after receiving the standard of Euro-5 diesel has become one of environment-friendly fuels with fewer harmful substances. In addition, the smell of diesel fuel is practically not felt, which adds to the comfort for the driver.

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