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Personal attacks on trump will be even more

Личных нападок на Трампа станет еще больше

Columnist for the Washington Post ed Rogers recognizes that the success of trump’s the economy doing the election campaign with him on the field almost meaningless — the approval rating of the trump in this segment is about 60% when necessary for the election of approximately 44%. And the situation for the elections of 2020 is unlikely to change. However, against trump may play a trail of scandals and personal attacks on him. And this line is recognized as the most promising from the point of view of achieving the desired result.

“Washington Post” edition of the so-called “circles of wall Street”, that is, political opponents trump. One of the most influential in America. Although the columnist is only the journalists, but the line to prepare for the elections in the US already fully formed. And now practiced models of electoral strategy.

In General, the tradition of the United States is a public discussion and debate, which develop the policies and framework strategies. In specialized and industrial media there are discussions on various topics, which are then clothed in recommendations and strategies. In fact, having such a powerful intellectual base, any US administration has a set of solutions on a variety of issues. Publicity provide some “protection against the fool”, that simply can not be in closed dictatorships and despotisms. There decisions are totally private, so it is impossible to evaluate solutions directly, only in light of the context and consequences. That, of course, very convenient for the authorities, but at times, and even orders increases the risk of making incorrect or inappropriate solutions, and even solutions with a high degree of corruption. However, what to say, when we have right outside the window.

Elections in the United States — the issue is extremely serious, as they bring to life the whole strategy, the struggle between which determines the development of the country. And not only countries. Therefore, pre-election periods and tactics — the issue is very serious. The contradictions are so large that manipulation of the banana Bantustans, as is now happening in Russia before the autumn elections, it’s hopeless.

An article in the Washington Post is not a guide to action, it is the element of the discussion. Finally, the election strategy of the Democrats will decide by next year and will be adjusted on the go. But the fact that the opponents trump recognize the futility of criticism of its economic achievements, significantly narrows their opportunities next year. The last two presidents who failed to be elected again — Jimmy Carter and George Bush senior — “flying” just because of poor economic policies and the results of their administrations in these matters. The Americans are very sensitive to such failures. Therefore, the task that is put before the Democrats win the candidate over the trump looks very difficult. Hence, a reasonable proposal is to forget about the economy and focus on emotions. Apparently, the degree of the charges trump on private matters will only grow — that’s what Democrats do.

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