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Parents need to tease the children in order to protect against future depression

Родителям нужно дразнить детей ради защиты от будущих депрессийThe more often parents use games with children that require a fair amount of physical activity, the lower the risk of the development of the child’s anxiety.

Dads and moms often need to involve their children in games that require running, jumping and other physical exertion, straining not only the mind but also the body. Experts from Australia and the Netherlands have proved that such games with the children dramatically reduce the likelihood of the development of anxiety disorders.

It turned out that certain types of behaviour parents play an important role in protecting preschoolers from future inquietudes, since these games encourage children to take risks, but do it safely. These are the results of observations 312 families, which showed that an adversarial game with the parents of children reduce the risk of anxiety in a child in the future.

It is worth mentioning that this risk is higher if the parents are overly controlling of their children and protect them from any trouble and loads, as shown by previous research. Now, scientists have tried to find the behavior of mothers and fathers that are protective for children at risk for anxiety disorders. It turned out that the children it is possible to scare, tease, a bit of a pain in the butt to run with them a race, jump from a height, encouraged to take risks, but it is all under strict control of their parents. Thus, children exposed to so called safe risk in which they can feel a degree of anxiety, knowing that everything around is fine.

Constant Association with such a safe risk gradually reduces the level of anxiety and teaches the child to ability to emotionally cope with further more significant psychological problems.

If parents protect children from all troubles and strive so to keep their psyche intact, in the future in contact with the real world it can lead to very serious stress and depression.

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