Saturday , November 27 2021

Scientists have discovered how the universe came

Scientists say that the birth of the Universe occurred after the two explosions.American scientists from the Brookhaven national laboratory say that the origin of the Universe occurred after the two explosions, although it is believed that the Explosion was only one. According to scientists, the First Big Bang came matter …

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Sony has introduced a new SSD

Sony showed SSDS for recording systems. The new device uses an interface SATA 3.0. Speed read 550 MB / s and write at 50 MB. The SSD has robust connector, allowing during operation, not to worry about the failure of the machine due to multiple connections to the equipment. Computer …

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Hyundai boasted a new model of the i30 Wagon

Hatchback i30 Wagon promise to present until 2018. The Hyundai, which is located in Geneva, gave the official view new photos of the wagon i30 Wagon, and said, when the presentation. It is known that the public will present the car in March this year, in the framework of the …

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