Friday , September 24 2021

Russia’s parliament threatens to increase fines for American tech giants after Google fails to comply with country’s internet laws

According to Vasily Piskarev, chairman of the Duma Commission for Investigation of Foreign Interference in Russia’s Internal Affairs, the idea to strengthen the punishment was triggered primarily by the behavior of Google, which has repeatedly refused to pay fines handed down by the authorities. “The company’s management shamefacedly evades answering …

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British health officials say school ‘Covid teams’ can vaccinate 12-15yos WITHOUT parental consent, so long as child agrees

Unveiled on Wednesday, the new guidance from the UK’s Health Security Agency lays out rules and recommendations for a school-based vaccine drive for children aged 12 to 15-years-old, which will see ‘School Age Immunisation Service’ (SAIS) teams go school-to-school to provide on-site vaccinations. It comes soon after the jabs were …

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