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Overview Insinkerator Aquahot. How to drink tea from the tap

Think about how much time you spend boiling the kettle, sterilized jars for home-made canned food, heating water for soup or pasta. But all these processes can be easily simplified by using Insinkerator AquahoInsinkerator. The system allows you to get ready for drinking water with temperature up to 98 degrees directly from the tap, which is much faster, more comfortable and more energy efficient than traditional boiling. In sale there are four models: H3300 and GN1100 can give only boiling water, and HC3300 and РС1100 allows, in addition to cold drinking water.

The principle of operation is simple as all ingenious. Through a splitter, cool tap water flows into a carbon filter where impurities are removed. Then, the liquid is separated into two streams, one of which is through the copper pipe is directed directly to the mixer, the second is fed into the device NeoTank, combining the water tank, a heater and a temperature regulation system. The output of the tank is also connected a copper line with a mixer. In the end, just open the faucet and enjoy purified water to the required temperature.
NeoTank — the main element of the system which has small dimensions 310x268x206 mm. When installing, consider the power supply. The power unit is 1300 watts. Water tank made of stainless steel, has a capacity of 2.5 L. the Thermostat controls the water temperature and the operation of the heating element, and since the tank is a thick layer of insulation, the liquid practically does not lose temperature. Is heated not the entire volume as in a normal jug, but only a part, and in the vacated place immediately into the cold liquid. In contrast to the kettle in which liquid is always greater than one Cup, here you use only the amount of water that you need. However, this does not mean that you have to wait half an hour while the hot water will drip into the Cup at the expense of the reservoir, the system performance is up to 60 cups of boiling water per hour. As a result, the energy consumption is obtained up to 80% less than traditional method of boiling, and even the water is saved. All this leads to a significant reduction in utility bills.
Directly on the body of the boiler there is a special switch, which you can use to smoothly adjust the water temperature in the range from 72 to 98 C. Special scale reduction technology, helps protect heating element, which is especially important if you have hard water. In addition, the Aquahot has a special protection system that is activated in the absence of water in the tank, not allowing the device to burn out.

Of course, like in any filter system, periodically have to replace the cleaning cartridge. Aquahot is used in the filter element F-701R. The filter removes dust and larger particles greater than 5 microns, effectively holds chlorine, lead, mercury and other metals, softens water, eliminates alkali, eliminates turbidity, unpleasant taste and smell. In the end, you can even improve the taste of any drink or dish. One cartridge is enough for about 1600 liters of water or half a year of active use by family of three. The “chip” system is a quick change filter without the need to invoke the wizard and the cutting off of water. Just twist the cartridge and pull it out: the integrated blocking valve will automatically stop the flow during replacement. If you are sure that only one filter can efficiently purify water, I recommend to connect the Aquahot to the reverse osmosis system from any third-party manufacturer.

The faucets have a stylish chrome design, so it will complement almost any kitchen. They can be set independently to any sink or countertop, it is enough to make a hole with a diameter of 35 mm. Water is supplied through copper pipes. Model H3300 and HC3300 performed by the classical scheme: one rotary knob regulates the flow and temperature of the liquid. Have GN1100 and РС1100 scheme is a little different: cold and hot water provided by a separate spring-loaded levers which automatically shut off the flow as soon as you stop pressure.
The advantage of this system is the simple installation, which is carried out for half an hour. All necessary tubing, fittings, adapters, couplings and fasteners are already in the package. You’ll just have to find a drill for the installation of the mixer. Despite its functionality, the system occupies the minimum of: filter and NeoTank have a special attachment to a vertical surface that allows you to mount Aquahot even in a small space under the sink.
What you can use Insinkerator Aquahot? For starters, forget about boiling in the kettle, as any beverage based on hot water such as coffee or tea, you can now cook directly from the tap. And no noise from the boiling liquid! No need to wait for hot water to throw it in the rice, pasta, soup or porridge – as soon as you fill the container, it will boil. Brewing instant noodles (like any other soaking dehydrated products) is now really fast. Imagine how much bacteria accumulates on fruits and vegetables on the market – just open the tap, and now the products have been sanitized. The same technique works with the sterilization of jars, lids, bottles for baby food, Cutlery and so on.

Use the Insinkerator Aquahot system saves time in the kitchen: no need to wait until the water reaches the desired temperature, because the boiling water you have now will always be at hand. Due to the fact that it is boiled as much liquid as you need, there is a significant saving of electricity and water, and therefore money. The system will make life easier: she does not occupy space on the table, and kettles and other heating devices can be simply removed as unnecessary, freeing up space, and so is never enough. The future is already here: now you can drink freshly brewed tea straight from the tap.
To learn more about Insinkerator Aquahot and order system in your home, you can on the website of the official Russian representative Norkpalm.

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