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Nutritionists suggest someone must eat legumes

Диетологи подсказали, кому обязательно нужно есть бобовыеLegumes help to control the sugar level

Scientists from the University of Toronto, came to the conclusion that people with type 2 diabetes it is particularly important to consume legumes in the format of daily nutrition.

A team from Toronto led by Dr. David Jenkins tested legumes of 121 patients with diabetes. Experts in the field of healthy nutrition has long praised these plant products for their ability to stabilize blood sugar. A new test scientists have shown that this property beans helps diabetics to better confront risks of disorders in the heart.

“Legumes help to control the sugar level by reducing the likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases. When testing offered to patients diet lowered the risk of heart disease by 0.8% – largely due to the reduction of pressure,” shared Dr. Jenkins.

According to experts, legumes have an extremely low glycemic index, which reflects the speed with which a product is cleaved in the body and converted into glucose. In this capacity, such products have no analogues, according to doctors.

David Jenkins was recommended for patients with type 2 diabetes to use in the day 190 grams legumes – beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas, etc. Note that legumes are also considered to be an extremely effective means of weight loss and normalization of appetite.

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