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Now Nobel Russia can only give the war

Теперь Нобеля России может дать только война

Science in our country has turned into a tea ceremony. Or, more precisely, in the simulation, such as elections and an independent judiciary.

In Sweden the Nobel week is over. Announced the winners of the most prestigious scientific awards in the world. Again without winning. Let’s face it, the chances of them was less than wonderful girls Greta Thunberg, which the wags attributed the phrase “Before the adults stole my childhood. And now the Nobel prize.”

Jokes aside, but if in the old days before the award, we wondered who of the Russian scientists may be on the list of nominees, then several years as a theme forecast is completely evaporated. With bonlarger grounds can we qualify for the Oscars than the Nobel.

But this is not the bottom. The next step is stop to realize that awarded to regular prize, but a search of the commentator in the scientific community will be doomed to failure. It’s hard to imagine that in Saudi Arabia or in Iran professors of the local universities acted as experts by the Nobel prize. In the end, none of the “petrodollar” the country of Big science there. However, unlike Russia, it there never was…

The last Nobel prize, Russia received in 2003. The last winner died in 2019. None left that humiliating for the country, which bore the title the great scientific power. This title was accepted by all our competitors and opponents. In 1960-e years, we have worked ten Nobel laureates. And then a high premium, with the traditional late was presented by our scientists for work performed in gold for our science period. Even leavened and incorrigible patriots can’t call today’s Russia as a great scientific power, and the complaints of the politically motivated Nobel Committee doesn’t notice our sparkling achievements, gradually fell silent.

It can be assumed that the Russian government underestimates the role of science and, in particular, the Nobel prizes as a factor of “soft power”. The modern axiological model of the world scientific advances and the technological level of the mean for the prestige of power, much more than sports victories, which we bet to meet national ambitions. However, I think such a conclusion is erroneous. Science in Russia has turned into a tea ceremony. Or, more precisely, in the simulation, such as elections and an independent judiciary. Leadership in science and in space lost not someone’s evil will, for objective reasons, no matter how insulting it was to recognize this fact.

Along the way, it is necessary to expose the myth of a “brain drain” that feeds America, the current leader (70 percent) by the Nobel prize. First, 75 percent of American scientists nabulyato were born in the United States. Second, this award is not only a personal award, but recognition of the level of organization of science in the country. Scientific migration to America is the strength of the country that sets the pace of civilization in the development of high technologies. Migration Nobel laureates (2010) graduates of MIPT Andrey Geim and Konstantin Novoselov — not the machinations of the Anglo-Saxons, and the guilt and the trouble of Russia, which is still “giving birth quick mind Newtons and platos”, but values them much lower than that in the times of Lomonosov.

Foreign Nobel laureates in our country for a long time worked only Herman Moeller, and that in the far 1930s, when the national genetics had not yet been defeated and set the tone in the world of science. In the USSR, Muller supervised the laboratory at the Institute of genetics and wrote his most famous work “out of the darkness.” It is known that Stalin had read this work and asked for feedback from Lysenko. “People’s” academician, who believed that “the Soviet people are not born, are born organisms, and people brought up”, reacted to the ideas of møller hostile.

In 1938 Herman Moeller wisely left the Soviet Union, in 1946, received the Nobel prize in 1948 in protest against the Soviet defeat of genetics out of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. According to the archives of the Nobel Committee considered the nomination Timofeev-teacher’s Meller, but I couldn’t find traces of it, because the scientist was in the distant Ural “sharashka”. This episode is worth Recalling, as once again picking up the pace a campaign against “kowtowing to the West”, are the persecution of scientists and the best technology companies, which further increases the gap with the developed countries.

Still, I’m sure the collapse of science in modern Russia is not stupid incompetent government and no evil will sneak into the Kremlin “agents of influence”. Big science genetically can’t get along with commodity economy. The days when an enlightened monarch Frederick II was supported by Tycho Brahe and built him a castle-Observatory, has passed into the past. In the modern world of Big science is to be mounted in a single body with the political and economic structure of the state. No matter what the calls sounded from high tribunes, which would be no modernization projects were put forward, like SKOLKOVO, cascade technology parks around cities or reform of the Academy of Sciences, will be no breakthrough. Big science grows not out of a desire of a progressive official, and being born in favourable conditions. And yet from the soil literally grows a resource-based economy.

Powerful resource-based economy and unintelligible science — objective reflection of Russia’s place in the global division of labor. A consequence of Russia’s historical path. A nice way, it should be perceived holistically, even fragments seem annoying. If you were going the other way, did not have to grow through Siberia. Veliky Novgorod on the technological level surpassed the cities of the Hanseatic League. Under Ivan the terrible and Alexei Mikhailovich, for all their merits, the technological level of the country was already on the margins of Europe.

Admittedly, almost all of our Nobel laureates did not come from the Academy of Sciences and of the Nuclear project, which is financially and structurally, was built exactly according to different patterns. Once dried, the dynamics of the Atomic project, had dried up the stream of Nobel prizes. The last “Mohican” (2003) — Vitaly Ginzburg, at the beginning of 1950-ies together with Sakharov to carry out calculations of the thermonuclear bomb, which was called not too interesting for the physics task.

I will Express a paradoxical idea. Because of the commodity economy in the foreseeable future, we refuse to fail, the only way in which Russia can return to the camp of the great scientific powers, is the war or its real threat. But not just any war, but this war, which will require scientific research to a new stage of knowledge, as was the case with nuclear weapons. Big science is a consequence of the war. Since the crusaders, when the horseshoe and stirrup, to the present day. But the question is, not destroyed in Russia scientific Foundation and whether the scientific school that greatly threaten not to sit in a puddle?

According to Francis Fukuyama, “a society which does not threaten competition or aggression, stops its development and is no longer updated; individuals, too inclined to trust and cooperation, become vulnerable to more militant”.

While the “March of the enthusiasts” Dunaevsky about the “country of heroes, country of dreamers, country of scientists” has for us is much more distant relationship, as “God save the Tsar!”

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