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News from Country Christmas

Two years ago it became known that AMC want to make a TV series based on the novel by Joe hill “a Country Christmas” (NOS4A2), but since then no news about the project was received. To this day, when The Wrap reported that the work of a team of writers.

At this point, you have to stay separately because we are talking about a specific scheme of work practiced in the AMC in the development of new projects. The standard scheme is that you write a script and removed the test “pilot” episode for a possible show. Looking at the results of this work, the customer takes the decision to be a full series or not. Now, AMC is practicing a different model, something called “scripts-to-series”. In this model, the stage of creating the pilot episode is skipped as unnecessary. Instead, what is happening now with the “Country Christmas” – hired a team of writers who develop the “Bible” (i.e., all storylines) complete the first season and written the scripts of several episodes. And then the leadership of the AMC decides to allocate or not the money order or not series.

Joe hill, as everyone knows, is one of the sons of Stephen king, also a writer and quite successful. However, while hill is not as well formed cooperation with TV and filmmakers on the part of any adaptations of his works. However, not so long ago there appeared information that the Director of “Sinister” and “Dr. Strange” filmed graphic novel hill’s “Keys of the Locke”, and now “Country Christmas” appeared some perspective.

The book itself was first published in 2013, and Russian translation came out in 2014. The plot of the story is this:

Since childhood, Vic McQueen had an unusual gift of finding lost things, wherever they were, even at the other end of the country. She just sat on the bike and imaginary, but nevertheless real, the bridge went missing. At the age of 13 Vic quarrels with her mother and runs away from home, taking my “magic” bike. He always gave Vic the way she wanted. And now she wanted to get in trouble just to spite the mother. So Vic and I met with Charles Manx is a psychopath who takes away the real children in the “rolls Royce” of the real world in your imagination – the land of Christmas where they turn into something…

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