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New clip from the upcoming season of “the Walking dead”

Very soon, a few days ago, will start the eighth season of “the Walking dead” (The Walking Dead). And though the show often blamed for the boredom and “soap”, the starting episodes of each new Chapter was almost always vivid and memorable. It is then the heroes could pull snot through the whole season to start and let the heat in the last series – but otherwise continued to watch, no one will. So from the upcoming episode worth waiting for something interesting.

Recall the synopsis of the season:

In the new season, Rick is preparing for full-scale war with Nigunim and his minions. The Saviors of more people, they are better equipped and ruthless – but Rick and they United communities forced to fight for a bright future. All the cards are laid on the table, when it starts full-fledged offensive.
Up to this point the question of survival was related only to the group of Rick, but not enough. In the struggle for freedom they have to win – to live and rebuild their settlements. As in any battle, in this they are waiting for surprises and losses. But Alexandria under the leadership of Rick, the Hilltop where Maggie is the leader, and the Kingdom led by King Ezekiel, together can finally put an end to Nagano and Saviors.

However, war is war, and zombies has not been canceled. So fresh passage, we decided to demonstrate the whole bunch of these rotten fellows. The dead approach the characters, which clearly have a plan. In the video you can see Carol (Melissa McBride), Daryl (Norman Reedus), Morgan (Lennie James) and Tara (Alanna Masterson), but to deal with a zombie remains the only pet fans of Daryl. Most interesting to us is not shown, although the anticipation of a little infected.

Not so long ago we posted another excerpt, the hero of which was performed by Carl Chandler Riggs. Then he said a week before the premiere themed photo shoot. Soon will probably be something interesting. In the meantime, watch the new clip and do not believe the days even the hours until the release of the eighth season.

The premiere will take place on October 22.

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