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Network, laugh girl, yearning for the Soviet Union

Сеть насмешила девочка, тоскующая по СССРThe video is gaining popularity.

In one of the Russian cities, the little girl threw a tantrum, while demanding the return of the USSR.

The corresponding video was placed on social networks.

So the video shows how the girl is crying and says that there “were all present.”

“Why are you crying, you say? – In the Soviet Union I want! – Why? – There’s fun, there’s good, there’s a delicious sausage, ice cream, everything is real, even songs!” – talking the girl and her mother.

Netizens in the comments have expressed their horror over the work of Russian propaganda.

“You’ll be in briefs cotton wool pads instead to insert up Newspapers to wipe, Oh**constant sausage three hours of sludge in the queue, the Shoe company “Skorokhod” to wear. Still to come!” “New generation Russia”, “that’s what makes the life-giving propaganda with the minds of children!” “Poor child, for her to think about the future and to the past she wants” – are the comments left by netizens under the video.

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