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Named five simple ways of dealing with lack of vitamins

Названы пять простых способов борьбы с нехваткой витаминов Rickets often occurs in winter and spring.

In the spring, many people experience a loss of energy, easy fatigue, sometimes lethargy. Often this is due to the condition of hypovitaminosis – when the body and a person’s diet lacks some vitamins.

How to get sufficient amounts of vitamins and maintain their content in the body told by the dietician Oksana Skitalinskaia.

“When talking about deficiencies, we are talking mainly about the two vitamins. The first is vitamin C, which is found in fruits, berries, greens, and which needs to enter our body on a daily basis because it is water soluble and does not accumulate in the body,” said the nutritionist.

If people consume less fresh vegetables, particularly greens, berries, rarely consume fruit, you do not get enough amount of this vitamin. So many winter and spring use pharmacy vitamin C, hoping it will help to avoid deficiencies.

However, according to nutritionist, the vitamin C is absorbed only in the presence of colored pigments called bioflavonoids, they are in fruits and berries, for example, in the hips – they give it a reddish hue.

According to her, the rose is a champion in content of vitamin C. If you consume one Cup daily infusion of rose hips (one tablespoon of crushed rose hips, drenched with boiling water and infused), it is possible to obtain a daily rate of vitamin C (approximately 60-100 mg). In addition, a source of vitamin C can be oranges, plain cabbage or sauerkraut, vegetables, frozen berries without sugar.

Second vitamin deficiency that causes rickets is a vitamin D and fat soluble, unlike vitamin C that can accumulate in the body.

“Man gets vitamin D when it is synthesized in our skin when exposed to sunlight of a certain length is a basic way. However, in the winter and early spring it is necessary to pay attention to the foods that contain vitamin D, since during this period the sun shines even if the length of the rays does not allow to synthesize this vitamin in the skin,” – said Skitalinska.

Useful products containing vitamin D is marine fatty fish, cod liver oil, eggs (nutritionist advises cooking eggs soft). In addition, you can also take vitamin D in pill or in oil solutions.

“Basic preventive dose is 800 IU, take it from October to end of April. And then – sunlight,” said the nutritionist.

In General, in order to avoid deficiency of vitamins, dietician Oksana Skitalinskaia advised:

1. Go to food that has a natural origin.

2. Minimize or do not use products that have passed the deep processing, for example, sweets, wafers, cookies, sweet water, sausages, pates.

3. Properly thermally processed foods – not fried, but boiled and steamed. Such food much easier to digest, it is easier to digest and vitamins.

4. To include in the diet foods that are rich in various vitamins, but also to biologically active substances. For example, every day to drink a Cup of green tea, glass of infusion of rose hips is laminaria times a week, you can often use beets, carrots, cabbage, onions, garlic; eat raw nuts daily (10 to 40 gr.), flax seeds.

5. To give up Smoking. Even one cigarette you smoke destroys 60 mg of vitamin C, which is the daily norm.

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