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Meet the new Strangers!

The sequel to “the Strangers” (2008) Bryan Bertino , the audience waited a long time, too long, if we are talking about the continuation of the film, which grossed more than $ 80 million of cash with a budget of less than 10 “millions”. We waited for him in 2012, said goodbye to the project in 2016, but it now seems that things are moving in the right direction. May 30 in Los Angeles will begin shooting the sequel, and the public domain became the first casting news.

Of course, the stars of the first and even the second value to wait for in this movie is not worth it, but the casting in General looks quite good. One of the roles in the film will play was nominated for the TV award Emmy Christina Hendricks (pictured), known on the series “Mad men”. Hendricks you could see in the film, Ryan Gosling’s “How to catch a monster,” and Nicolas winding Refn in his hits “Drive” and “the Neon demon”. She co-starred with Charlize Theron in the Thriller “Dark secrets”.

Another role went to young Bailey Madison, which to my 17 years managed to play the TV series “Dr. house”, “Law and order. Special victims unit”, “the Good witch”, “the Fosters”, as well as flashed in the remake of “don’t be afraid of the dark” 2011 release.

Finally, another now “acquaintance” is Lewis Pullman, another young and yet very few people familiar actor, a more or less notable films with which to call the drama “Consequences”.

The synopsis for the sequel reads:

Financial problems forced the family to leave the old home, and now they are trying to survive the night in the trailer in a deserted neighborhood, when they open hunting three savages in masks, armed with axes.

The project was presented to potential buyers at the Berlin film festival, sales continue at the film market in Cannes. The Director acts as Johannes Roberts (“beyond the door”, “the Blue abyss”). Roberts will take on the script authored by Bryan Bertino (the Creator of the original film) and Ben China. Producers are mark lane, James Harris, Wayne Marc Godfrey, Trevor Macy and Robert Jones.

Recall that the writer and Director of the first “Strangers” Bryan Bertino was thrilled that his film does get a sequel:

I am concerned that there seems the movie people are doing that are really interested in the fact that it was filmed. I was excited when I saw that the project moved from the company Relativity in the hands of a group of producers who were happy about this. It would seem that after all these years, a sequel – crazy idea, but I like the script that I wrote eight years ago.
That’s a great story. And I think she has a chance to become a breathtaking film. So I was very excited, realizing that after so many false starts that took place in the intervening years, the film finally appeared in the hands of someone who really wants him to do. And I really liked some of the movies that these guys have done lately.

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