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Magic and eroticism in “Mystical Show” (TRAILER)

The film, which has been called “a masterpiece of magic realism”, released in Russian cinemas on 23 August 2018. Welcome to “the Show, the Mystic”! - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In the film production involved three countries: Brazil, Portugal, France, and directed by Carlos Diegis. The main role went to Vincent Kassel, de Mariana the and Antonio Fagundes. Below you can see a selection of frames and trailer, and the trailer looks truly magical, though, and replete with nudity.

In may 1910, when the Land was swept by Halley’s comet, the handsome young Dr. Fred Kips crazy in love with in acrobat of Beatrice, against the will of the parents took her to wife and bought her a circus, calling it a “Grand Mystic”. So begins this magical and erotic story that involved the magician and the sexy Jean-Paul, brutish strongman Rudolph, twins Maria and Elena, earning intimate services and flying under the circus dome, and other amazing heroes. Years go by — the First world war, the Second man steps on the moon, crumbling of the Berlin wall, Halley’s comet passed over Earth again… only in the “Grand Mystic”, as a hundred years ago, every night, forever young a life of mysterious Ringmaster announces the beginning of the representation. The show goes on…

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