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LG almost gone from the Russian market of smartphones

LG is probably going to remove from the Russian market of smartphones their phones. Today on her website there are only two models, and those are not the most interesting proposals against the background of competitors.

Sales of LG smartphones in Russia fell to a minimum in the first half, it sold only 5,000 of the phones, whereas in the first half of 2018 – 80000, and in 2017 – 390 000. The difference is more than obvious. The reason is simple – the high price in the presence of Xiaomi, Honor and other Chinese brands, and in terms of the characteristics of no changes. By the way, on the world market the case of LG are also not very good, but still better than in Russia, where it holds only 2% of the market.

Followed LG as soon as she leaves the Russian market of smartphones, go HTC and Philips – import of HTC’s products in Russia ceased in 2019, and Philips did not put more than 1000 devices in the price segment is more expensive than 7000 rubles. Here, too, everything is clear – HTC without reason increases the price of their gadgets, but in the case of Philips people buy smartphones more expensive 7000 rubles, give preference to companies for which the smartphone business basic.

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