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“Levada-center”: 43% of respondents have noticed a deterioration of living standards in the country in 2019

«Левада-центр»: 43% россиян заметили ухудшение уровня жизни в стране в 2019 году

In 2019, 43% of the citizens noticed the deterioration of living standards of the General population of Russia, the opposite opinion is held by only 13% of respondents. This is evidenced by the results of the survey “Levada-center”.

The study showed that 35% of Russians this year has been harder than the previous one, for a 14% better, 51% — the same complexity. Almost in the same proportion distributed answers to the question about how the year was for the whole of Russia. 66% of people characterize 2019 as mid-year and, by most accounts, he was successful. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Many spoke about the deterioration of hospitals and clinics (46%), educational institutions (34%) and law enforcement (24%). 42% of respondents complained that it became more difficult to earn good money. Deteriorated situation with freedom of expression, personal security of citizens and the environment.

That in 2019 became more injustice in the distribution of wealth, said 41% of Russians, an improvement has been only 7% of the population. In addition, ordinary people have less influence on state Affairs (this was stated by 30% of respondents). 42% of respondents tend to believe that Russia’s relations with Western countries and NATO have deteriorated, and 38% — that hasn’t changed.

The survey was conducted 12 — 18 December, it was attended by 1608 people aged 18 years from 50 regions of Russia.

Real incomes of Russians are falling for the sixth consecutive year — since the annexation of Crimea and Western sanctions. By 2018, almost 20% of the population of the Russian Federation announced the reduction of salaries (data Ranepa), in 2019 one in four Russians has noticed the deterioration of their financial situation. For the last two years the number of citizens planning their future in the next five to six years, reduced from 17 to 11%. From Russia currently would like to emigrate, 53% of citizens aged 18 to 24 years. This figure peaked in 2009.

According to the latest statistics, the poverty line live in the country of 18.6 million people (12.7 percent of the population of Russia). In April, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev acknowledged that life in Russia is “far from ideal, many people find it difficult, and some just survive.”

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