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Latest news Saratov region

Последние новости Саратовской области

Life of employees is getting worse every day.
On may 1, the volume of overdue microloans in Russia increased to 51.3 billion rubles and made up 34.3% of the total portfolio.
By 1 April this delay accounted for 32.1% of the portfolio, as of March 1, and 30.5 %, according to RBC data, the credit history Bureau “Equifax”.
To the problem of BCI include micro-loans, payments for which were made more than 90 days.
Thus in total, the share of overdue loans was even higher: by may 1, was of 4.52 million of such loans — 40,7 %, against 38% on April 1, and 35.9 % on March 1.
The growth delay of up to 40% in April – the highest in recent years, experts say. This is a record, at least since December of 2016.
Loans with early delay not included into the statistics, but their number also increased: “the Amount of early arrears (up to 30 days) at the end of April increased 32.5% and amounted to 4 billion rubles”.
On may 1 in the retail portfolio of the MFIs was 11.13 million loans 149,65 bn In April it fell by more than 3% in monetary and quantitative terms. Compression affected the level of delinquency, but the main reason is the behavior of customers, experts say.
Most MFIs recognize the deterioration of payment discipline of the borrowers, “is Associated with the sphere of clients, mostly service workers, workers whose income has incentive character.”
The growth of delay has affected not only real deterioration in the financial condition of borrowers, but also the growth of negative expectations. Many customers during the isolation prefer not to spend savings on debt repayment.
More than half of microloans in Russia (53.7 per cent) are granted to borrowers who pay their loans more than 50% of monthly income reported by the Central Bank.
On the background of the crisis and the isolation began to increase prices on all products. In particular, in the first place for drugs. Accordingly, under attack is most vulnerable category of employees – the elderly.
In April, the preparations for SARS in pharmacies grew on average by 7.6% compared to the same month last year. Common “medicinal” inflation was 6.7%, follows from data of DSM Group, according to “Izvestia”.
However, separate funds have risen significantly. So, an aggregator of “Megaptera.”ru has recorded an increase in the cost of “not effective” (per pack of 10 ml price increased more than twice, 15 ml — 80%), “THERMOPAL” (+78%), syrup of licorice termopsisa with (+77%).
According EMISS, iodine in April rose by 30.6%, to 21 rubles per pack, validol 23% to 36 rubles, “Linex” by 22.9%, to 262 rubles, “Troxerutin” — by 21.5%, to 128 rubles, “Levomekol” — by 21.2%, to 155 rubles.
As previously reported by “Izvestia”, much more expensive drugs began in March. Then prices jumped by 9% compared to last year.
Also increased prices on public services related to transportation, which is bound to affect the transport services for the population.
The Ministry of transport and road economy of the Saratov region has approved new fees for the issuance of work permits taxi cabs.
Today published the corresponding order was signed by acting Minister Alexei Zaitsev.
According to the document, the fee for a permit for activity implementation on transportation of passengers and Luggage an automobile taxi established in the amount of 8 294,71 of the ruble, for issuance of duplicate permit – 3 317,88 of the ruble.
A year ago, in the same order of Ministry of transport dated 9 April 2019, the amount was less than 7,500 rubles for permission and only 750 rubles for issue of the duplicate.
Thus, the General crisis of capitalism, intensified by isolation, is beginning to affect the daily lives of employees: rising prices for all food products, medicines, transport services and utilities.
Many employees lost their jobs, consequently, they can not pay the loans, therefore, increases debt to credit institutions.
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