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Laptop Microsoft Surface Laptop scored a record number of points at iFixit

Portal iFixit got to the new Microsoft Surface notebook Laptop and hurried to take it apart to screw to determine its level of maintainability. As it turned out, mobile computer gained a record number of points — such results can only boast of a few gadgets.

Scale of maintainability iFixit device provides from 0 to 10 points, and the new Microsoft Surface Laptop scored exactly 0 (zero), once the to repair. In this respect, the laptop is even worse than Apple counterparts — those at least 1 or 2 points gain, and there is generally a disaster. The experts who conducted the autopsy Microsoft Surface Laptop, called it, quote, “disgrace to the brim filled with an adhesive”. In other words, to open a mobile computer that is banal to change the thermal paste or blow out dust, is not possible. The removal of the cover in 99% of cases will lead to the deterioration of some loop or other component.

Replacing the battery in the Microsoft Surface Laptop would be impossible, so the laptop is completely disposable once the battery will be obsolete, it will transform or desktop computer, or sent to landfill. Hence the conclusion: if you take the laptop for a long time and do not intend to limit the period of its operation with the battery life, the Microsoft Surface Laptop — definitely not your choice.

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