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Japanese court called the perpetrators of the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant

Японский суд назвал виновных в аварии на АЭС ФукусимаThe responsibility for the catastrophe at Fukushima is incurred by the government and the company Tepco, said the court.

In Japan, the court laid the responsibility for the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant that occurred in 2011, the country’s authorities and the company-operator of nuclear power plants Tepco.

This is the third court decision on the accident at the nuclear power plant.

We are talking about one of the largest class-action suit. The plaintiffs were about 3,800 citizens affected by the disaster, including the families of the victims. They demanded payment of monthly compensation in the amount of 50 thousand yen (the equivalent of about 380 euros) up until the level of radiation contamination in the Fukushima area will be reduced to indicators, Samarasya before the accident.

In March 2017, the court in Maebashi-Shi, also called the Japanese authorities and Tepco are guilty in the accident, but during the second process, the state was acquitted.

In March, 2011 after strong earthquakes and tsunami at Fukushima-1 is out of order cooling system, which resulted in a meltdown of the reactor core.

Three of the six reactors were damaged. This has led to radioactive contamination of the surrounding areas. Tens of thousands of people were evacuated from the contaminated area.

Currently, there are four reactor.

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