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It looks like an armored car of Stalin. Photo

This car was the first armored car in the USSR.

He was feared, respected and always gave way. It’s not about Stalin, but his car ZIS-115. The first armored sedan, released in the USSR. His fate is as interesting as the structure of the machine.

By a strange coincidence, after the death of Secretary General of this unique car appeared in the backyard of the University named after Bauman, and then disappeared from radar. While in 2002 coming up at the dacha outside Moscow.

It was like this. To the collector Vadim ZADOROZHNY asked the Professor of MGTU with a request to look at an interesting exhibit. According to him, at his country house remained a vehicle of Museum value. When the fan avtostroy arrived on the scene, before him stood a black sedan, buried in the earth and half-rotten. Zadorozhnyi took a break, but digging in the archives of the factory Likhachev, immediately agreed to buy a rarity.

The car externally looking exactly like a normal ZIS-110 (a civilian car, which began to develop in the years of the great Patriotic war), actually turned out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. ZIS-115, established in 1949 for the party elite, its characteristics differed from the ZIS-110 as the tank of the motorcycle.

The body is comprised of individual armored panels, such as the European and American counterparts, and was a riveted-welded construction. That is actually the car — bronekapsuly. And at each welded detail was the serial number and name of the manufacturer. That is, if something happens, the onus of responsibility lay on the individual. More on the case can be seen traces of bullets that a particular area was tested for strength.

Windows is a complex engineering structure, composed of a 35-mm glass, air gap, viscous acrylic plastic (designed, if necessary, to repay the kinetic energy of the fragments punctured the outer layer), another layer and a special toughened glass, called Stalin. To the Windows did not fog up, Soviet engineers built them in tubes with a special powder that absorbs moisture. The role of the power Windows were hydraulic jacks.

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