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IT inspires! Wonderful art by Ukrainian artist

Us in memory always nice to see that our work resonates, and our job is to tell you all the worst and most interesting in the world. For example, about the upcoming feature-length adaptation of the novel by Stephen king “It” (It) we wrote and write very, very much. Today we were contacted by a horror-fan and artist-designer from Ukraine Dmitry Kalinichenkoto share their art on the theme of the film.

Dmitry wrote to us:

Impressed by the flow of different kinds of materials about the new movie, It came to me, Muse.

Well, the Muse came clearly not with empty hands. Look at this:

Impressed with this art, our own journalistic Muse was prompted to inquire about Dmitry and look for his other work. Found impressed no less. It turns out that Kalinichenko has depicted not only Pennywise, but xenomorph, the tooth fairy, Hellboy, and many more who. On his laurels, he is clearly not going to stop, so subscribe to his page Vkontakte, Instagram, and ArtStation.

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