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Insanity grows stronger, attracting pilgrims

What a wonderful time that allows sitting at home watching the masses of people come together around tragedy and begin to collectively go crazy. To make recidivist and porn actor Holy sacrifice of art.

Маразм крепчает, привлекая паломников

In the US, the murder (or death, whatever you like) George Floyd started to perform the rituals of baptism/purification for all concerned. In Minneapolis there is a new point of attraction of tourists, but the municipality is not likely to be delighted with this fact, but continues to smile approvingly.

“Just hurry up,” the leader of one of the Christian organizations called Global Harvest Revival Joshua Lindquist, who very modestly said about himself:

“The Lord has called Josh to be the same as Jesus and his disciple in antiquity, and preach on the streets more than he preaches in the pulpit. But he’s opened for performances in churches, ministries and activities, if you feel that the Lord leading him”

This is a link to his website on the main page, which you can read about what and how he preaches.

Маразм крепчает, привлекая паломников

The main target audience of the white preacher are poor black people. Behind him an African tour and followers from all continents, and now he’s in Minneapolis. The congregation is increasing, and with it revenues.

Маразм крепчает, привлекая паломников

It is surprising how easily and seemingly organically the story of Floyd consolidates itself around all kinds of trash from robbers and lazy people until the messengers of the Lord, sowing love, but collecting money or CROs.

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