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In the World ocean was found nearly 200 thousand kinds of marine viruses

В Мировом океане найдено почти 200 тысяч видов морских вирусовBefore that it was known only 15 thousand types of viruses.

According to the researchers, about 60% of the biomass of the oceans has on microbes, which play a key role in oceanic ecosystems, however, they have been studied only in selected areas. On the life of these organisms affect marine viruses.

In the new study, scientists during 2009-2013 were collected 145 samples of water in different parts of the World ocean, including 41 specimens from the Arctic. Sequeira virome of these samples in the framework of research project Global Ocean Viromes 2.0, 195728, scientists have discovered a species of DNA virus, which is 12 times more than was known before in the first version of the project.

Moreover, the researchers were able not only to identify the five ecological zones of habitat of viruses, but also to detect the focus of their biodiversity in the Arctic. Traditionally it was believed that the polar region must be poor from this point of view, than Equatorial.

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