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In the Novosibirsk state University students want to be expelled for memes in social networks

В Новосибирском госуниверситете студентов хотят отчислить за мемы в соцсетях

Manual physical faculty, Novosibirsk state University (NSU) has threatened to pay admin a student of the public in a social network “Vkontakte” because of memes with teachers. This writes the “”.

The public “Memes from southerner” was created by the freshmen of the physics Department of NSU. In this post various memes, including about the teachers. So when it came to the Dean’s office, students gathered for the proceedings.

The Dean of the faculty Oleksandr Bondar told off freshmen “pictures” that are “insulting teachers”, and demanded to close the public. Administrator and editors of the community were forced to write explanations. With them were four of the winner public in honor of the first 100 subscribers — they won packs of instant noodles, the newspaper notes.

According to the administrator of the public at the meeting, he read out excerpts from the administrative code and the Charter of the NSU.

After the meeting, those who wrote the explanatory, was summoned to the Dean’s office. “At the meeting with the Dean’s office was attended by the Dean, the Dean, secretaries of the Dean’s office and some “representatives of the student community,” writes a public “Memes 220б”. — The meeting with the Dean’s office was delivered at 5pm, but started at 7. What was the reason for the delay is unknown. All caused by people wound up one by one and arranged interrogation — who and how involved in the group that knows about the creators and editors. People showed their comments with obscenities and talked about the fact that the Mat near the faces of the teachers insult the honor of the University.”

The winners of the contest were asked “how they won in the raffle”: “They were charged with is public and a “bad sense of humor.” Dean didn’t believe that the winners were randomly chosen, and believed that the win was well-deserved something — for example, creating memes about the teacher or is public. The administrator asked where he got the money for soup”.

The administrator of the group was threatened with expulsion and offered to write a letter of resignation from the University on their own. After that, the public was removed.

Some students planned to picket the open Day NSU on 3 November and ask questions about the situation to the University rector Mikhail Fedoruk. In the end, the action is not carried out, but the rector talked, told in the public.

“He [young guy] said that aware of the situation and charges against the students, but to anonymous abusive memes about teachers is negative. He also says that the case of the Dean’s office of FF and it still doesn’t interfere, although I would like to begin a dialogue with students,” said the authors of the public “Memes 220б”.

The next meeting of the Dean’s office and students is scheduled for November 5, said “the” students.

In conversation with the publication of “NGS” Bondar said that the group with the meme contrary to the rules of the University, therefore, students are threatened with the remark, reprimand or dismissal. The decision on them will be the rector, said Cooper.

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