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In the “Naftogaz” has admitted to violations of the law

В "Нафтогазе" признались в нарушениях законаThe company said that intentionally broke the law in the procurement batch of cars.

In NAK “Naftogaz” admitted to journalists that specifically bypassed the system of public procurement ProZorro to buy 42 cars. About this on on the Facebook page said the journalist Alexey Tamrazov.

He said that the press service of “NAK Naftogaz” answered his query as follows:

“By decision of the Board of Naftogaz (to buy cars DK “Gas of Ukraine”, which is in liquidation) was purchased 5 cars VW, 37 car brands Skoda Octavia and the Superb. As a result of reorganization of the DK “Gas of Ukraine” of its property rights and obligations will be transferred to Naftogaz”.

The journalist notes that “Naftogaz” not see anything wrong with that deliberately evaded the law about public procurement instructing “GAS of Ukraine” to buy cars at the expense of the funds intended for payments to the NAC, not to procure for herself and not to attract attention, because originally wanted to buy six GMC Yukon and one of them armored.

В "Нафтогазе" признались в нарушениях закона

В "Нафтогазе" признались в нарушениях закона

Tamrazov noted that “Naftogaz” took bought car rent from DK and also without a tender at a lower cost.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine wants to adjust the gas tariffs for population and budget enterprises. This was during a round table devoted to the heating season 2017-2018, said the head of the Department of Economics of life support systems of the Ministry of regional development, construction and housing and communal services Natalia Hotsyanovskaya. And the company gave the Rothschild banking operations in the Ukrainian gas pipe.

Recall that the German court rejected the claims of Poland to Gazprom pipeline Opal.

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