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In the ancient library, found a terrifying prophecy for mankind

В древней библиотеке найдено страшное пророчество для человечества The prediction of the monk associated with the disasters of the 21st century.

In one of the oldest libraries, it was found a prophecy that scared the whole world. Part of the prophecy was fulfilled even before it was discovered, a continuation of the predictions are frightening and alarming everyone. An intriguing prophecy speaks of a terrible future for the entire planet.

The monastery of St. gall is located in Switzerland, in St. Gallen. It was founded in 1983. This monastery, listed by UNESCO. There is one of the oldest and largest libraries, which are incredibly interested scientists. There are old Chronicles and books. In the library was found a prophecy of the elder Giredana, who lived in 1080. His prophecy the old man made tens of centuries ago.

The prophecy says that in the early 21st century the world will face terrible disaster. The elder monk thought of the terrible disaster is coming from the East. Overrun by the wind, which will carry all the way. The phenomenon of experts associated with hurricanes in the Atlantic in 2017. At this time affected America. But some researchers found in the records of the predictions about a Third world war. However, the prophecy did not name the exact date, and had mentioned only the beginning of the 21st century.

To believe in the prophecy or not – everyone’s business, but given the situation with Syria, North Korea, many people think that prediction still has some meaning.

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