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In Russia, they think about the Tribunal on the Donbas

В России думают о трибунале по ДонбассуIn Russia, collected evidence of “war crimes” of Ukraine.

Russia’s investigative Committee has gathered evidence of “war crimes” in Donbass from Ukraine.

“The investigative Committee is investigating such crimes, as guided by international law and Russian legislation allows to prosecute foreign nationals who commit crimes outside our country, if they have not suffered punishment for it,” – said the official representative of Department Svetlana Petrenko.

“Such crimes have no Statute of limitations. And our investigators will take all possible measures to sooner or later the perpetrators of these crimes against the civilian population, and those who gave the orders, suffered the deserved punishment”, – said Petrenko.

Also, the Committee threatened that the collected evidence “associated with use of prohibited means and methods of warfare”, in the future, can send to international courts or a specially created Tribunal.

TFR supposedly interviewed more 130 thousand people as witnesses and victims in the case and conducted more than 200 complex forensic examinations.

“The collected proofs testify to massive violations of the rights and freedoms of the individual and continuing for a long time on the territory of the South-East of Ukraine humanitarian disaster caused by the criminal actions of the Ukrainian military”, – said the Agency.

But most of all in Sledkom concerned about the citizens who went to Ukraine to participate in a special operation in the ATO zone on the side of the volunteer forces.

“During the conflict with Russia in Ukraine has left a number of citizens of the Russian Federation, support of radical groups – Right sector, UPA and others. These citizens subsequently joined the ranks of the Ukrainian nationalist volunteer battalions. It is known that not all of them participated in the fighting in Ukraine, they have not committed serious crimes against peace and humanity, but has been abandoned by the current Ukrainian government. They are denied citizenship and obtaining Ukrainian passports. But these people are afraid to return home, fearing prosecution in Russia. In each case, is checked. And if objective data about crimes committed no, the person cannot be prosecuted, he has nothing to fear,” – said Petrenko.

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