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Hyundai introduced an alternative key to access the car

Hyundai представил альтернативу ключу для доступа в автомобиль To open the car and start the engine it will be possible via smartphone.

Hyundai showed the new access technology in the car and do not need a key.

So, the new system involves the use of a smartphone with a special application.

A digital key will be able to use the owners of devices with support for wireless data transfer of small radius of action NFC.

At a time when the smartphone is loaded with a digital key is near the car door, the NFC module recognizes it and allows you to perform actions from a given list.

It can recognize up to four motorists with automatic download of individual parameters: it is the position of the side mirrors, seats and steering wheel, the settings of the media center, navigation system and a projection display.

The NFC antenna, which unlocks the lock is in the door handles of the front doors, and antenna to start the engine located in the area of wireless charging. After the car will start it will be putting the smartphone on a wireless charging pad in the center console and pressing the start/stop button on the dashboard.

Through the smartphone app has the ability to remotely control kotorymi functions via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). So, you can remotely lock and unlock the car, activate the alarm and start the engine. After the car market with the functions of automatic Parking is expected that they also can be controlled remotely.

In addition, for each person who is allowed access to the car, the owner can set the duration of use of the machine or limit the operation of only a set of specific functions.

In the case of car-sharing services additional programming of the digital key will simplify the rental car: the owner and the driver does not need to even meet each other, and a digital key will be sent through the smartphone app.

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