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How to increase stress resistance: 6 effective tips

Как повысить стрессоустойчивость: 6 эффективных советовUse simple tips to boost your poise.

The economic situation in the country, difficulties in communication with colleagues, poor health — reasons for stress at work can be a lot. But we’ll show you how to increase stress resistance to protect yourself from troubles.

1. Take care of your body This means that you need to treat yourself to something tasty, to make myself feel better, improve mood. Care for the body in times of stress — the key to good health.

2. Understand what your body is experiencing stress And working with a stimulus.Irritability, isolation, self-doubt is not all the effects of stress. You need to understand what is your irritant. It must either fight or ignore it (yet it lacks patience).

3.Prioritize And organize your work as if you are a perfectionist. Your work should be in order. Once again not to be nervous, try to arrange all the documents, files and folders on the shelves.

4. Empathy is everything In order to avoid stress-learn to feel and understand the emotions experienced by the people who surround you. Prepare yourself to change their mood. Warned means protected.

5. Bad habits say “no” We are talking now not only about Smoking but also about procrastination, when you list the feed in Facebook. Just think about the fact that someone might accidentally look at it, coming to you with a question. How to avoid such a stressful situation? Not to open Facebook. It’s simple!

6. Learn from the skills of colleagues your colleagues are working in this office is not the first day and know how to fend off bad mood boss. Talk to them about it and try to learn from their experience.

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