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How to cleanse the body in spring: advice of a nutritionist

Как очистить организм весной: советы диетологаIn the same conditions as domestic cleaning procedures should be light and pleasant, most importantly – safe.

Spring is associated with renewal and new life – nature begins to awaken, delighting the eye and improving mood.

Few people know that in the spring the human body is also susceptible to change and is happy to “throw” all the consequences of a long winter in the form of toxins. Let’s see how to help him, strengthening health, increasing the immunity and improving the function of internal organs, and together with it – and your appearance.

Skilled techniques oppose radical methods of cleansing the body of toxins, if does not imply treatment. But in this case the procedure takes place under the supervision of a specialist. In the same conditions as domestic cleaning procedures should be light and pleasant, most importantly – safe. Nutritionist Lyudmila Babich agreed to tell us about the most effective methods that, in addition to its direct purpose of cleaning the body will help to strengthen the immune system, to adjust work of organs of digestion will have a positive impact on the living forces and even appearance.

Herbal against toxins

That properly mixed herbs can influence the body to treat a variety of ailments, boost mood and influence the General condition of man, our ancestors knew long before help started to go to the doctors.

Unfortunately, many skills have been forgotten due to the fact that they were replaced with more modern and quick-acting drugs. However, Ukrainian families often still brewed peppermint angina, chamomile – pain in the stomach and so on. We recommend you to add to your list of recipes and some simple but effective drink for cleansing the body.

First of all, please be melt water, simply freeze clean water, better mineral without gas, and then let it melt. When it reaches room temperature, add to it five tablespoons young pine needles, a couple of spoonfuls of onion peel, and the same hips. All this should be boiled for 10 minutes and filtering, to leave for the night. In the morning, again put the mixture on fire again and simmer for 5-7 minutes, then leave for the night. Well, from next day, start to drink medicinal teas in small portions throughout the day (half small Cup). This decoction strengthens the body’s defenses, starts the mechanism of self-purification, removes toxins.

Shared the old recipe is also a doctor: “In a liter of pure water you need to add two teaspoons of dried burdock root and boil for 10 minutes over high heat. Next, screw the heat and cook further, adding a tablespoon of red clover, elderflower and peppermint.

Allow broth to cool, strain and drink during the week at 100-150 grams a half hour before eating. On the second week – twice a day, and the third – in the morning on an empty stomach. This is a good recipe because in addition to the purification of toxins, helps purify the blood and liver, and after a course improves condition of skin, hair and nails”, – assured the expert.

Getting rid of salts

Calcination was previously associated with the old age. However, in modern conditions they suffer and very young people. To deal with the salt deposits is difficult, because it is better to avoid them. Central to prevention are a balanced diet, bad habits to a minimum (and preferably getting rid of them) and an active lifestyle with regular physical activity.

“Bring salt deposits from the body is impossible, no matter what the promised commercials and colorful packaging of the drugs. Therefore it is better to conduct a correct lifestyle, with periodic light cleaning of the body, without harsh drugs and dangerous procedures. Proven track record of brown rice, which helps normalize weight, improve metabolism and prevention of edema. To cleanse the body of salts need every day for Breakfast to use soaked rice (just pour boiling water over night portion of rice and close the lid to steep and “prepared himself”), and during the day, limit the consumption of salt, fried and smoked,” – said the expert.

This “procedure” lasts 7-10 days and is well tolerated as it does not require restrictions in food, in addition to harmful products.

The oats will establish the functioning of the liver

The liver is the filter of the body and affects almost all processes that take place in it. Unfortunately, in today’s world to find someone with a perfectly healthy liver is extremely difficult. After all, it affects everything – from poor diet and harmful habits to the environment and stress. To identify malfunctions of the liver at an early stage is almost impossible, if you do not conduct regular checks from professionals, since this body is not sick and therefore do not signal about their illnesses. To notice liver problems can be fatigue, nausea, apathy, brittle nails, and sallow the complexion. Agree, bunch of unpleasant symptoms. Because to protect the liver and to aid her in self-purification, in addition to a healthy lifestyle, is to regularly conduct preventive “cleaning”.

“To do this is to wash with warm boiled water a Cup of oats and pour in a saucepan, adding 2 tablespoons of dry leaves, cranberries and as much of birch buds. Pour two liters of boiling water, close tightly and insist days in a cool place.

In the other container to fill a glass crushed hips, pour water and put on fire as soon as the boil – add a tablespoon of corn ryltsev and knotweed. A little boil, cool, then leave for a few hours and pour in the first pot, after its contents have already infused,” – said the expert.

The resulting broth need to drink half an hour before Breakfast every day, in small portions – first for 50 grams a few days, a few days at 100 grams, and finally 150 grams per day. General course (from the first day) ten days without interruption. All this time prohibited smoked and canned food, fast food, harmful snacks and alcohol.

Detox products

The so-called “detox products” is a group of quite common ingredients which have properties to cleanse the body and remove from it the accumulated toxins. The list is constantly changing, nutritionists in different countries periodically declare about the opening of a new miracle product, which, however, quickly forgotten. Because the doctor recommends that you do not chase fashion, and to eat more vegetables and fruits fresh and preferably in season.

“The cleansing of the body promotes a variety of green onions, lettuce, spinach, parsley, dill, Basil and so on. They are rich in vitamins and an excellent job with cleaning the digestive system. And chlorophyll contained in the green, it prevents multiplication of “harmful” bacteria and toxins,” says the doctor.

It is also more likely to consume citrus fruits. Lemons, oranges and grapefruits are rich in biologically active substances and vitamin C, which are involved in the process of cleaning the body”, – said the doctor.

Incredibly useful algae, as they are rich in spirulina and Chlorella which bind toxins and help to their rapid excretion from the body.

Superfoods for the liver are all available beets and aromatic celery, which will give your favorite dishes a little spice.

To speed up the removal of toxins from the body and organize the work of the digestive tract help also dairy products.

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