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Horipad Wireless for Nintendo Switch the wireless controller from a reputable manufacturer

Comfort when playing on the console largely determined by convenience and quality controller. And if in portable mode complete “Gascony” satisfy the majority of owners of Nintendo Switch, for stationary use Joy-Con Grip was not so comfortable. In addition, since the launch of the console left a lot of good team games that require steam full gamepads. Anticipating this, Nintendo separately released comfortable PRO controller. And the question would have been closed if not for its inflated price. Fortunately, there is a company like Hori, which already is developing alternative solutions for the most popular consoles and their licenses. Wired controller for Switch this manufacturer has earned a lot of good reviews, but now came the wireless Horipad Wireless.

Unlike the original PRO controller gray, Hori released a Quartet of colors: blue, gray, red (Mario branded) and black (branded Zelda). By the way, all this gave Nintendo itself, as indicated by the corresponding icon on the packaging. Controllers are supplied in a compact cardboard box with quality printing. Inside, in addition to the controller is short (25 cm) USB cable-USB Type-C and manual. The price for Horipad Wireless in Russian stores, on average, 4,000 rubles, which is about a third less than the cost of a PRO controller.

Horipad Wireless is made of matte plastic and looks very similar to the original, however there are some significant differences. The case controller from Nintendo translucent, with the exception of the stops, here the situation is opposite – only the “cheeks” have a transparent overlay, through which it is clearly visible that no vibrator motor inside is not installed.
The result of this decision not only managed to reduce the price of the gadget, but also to reduce its weight up to 170 g (the original weight of 246 g), so hand in the long game will be tired much less. The new controller turned out to be 10 mm longer than the ancestor, and in his hand he is no less comfortable. The quality of materials and workmanship is difficult to find fault, no “drifting sticks” me not found.
The device has a standard set of controls: 4 action buttons, a pair of asymmetrical digital sticks (detect pressure), d-pad, 4 system keys (“+”, “-“, “House” and “Screenshot”), 2 “shift” and 2 “trigger”.
You should pay attention to several improvements, in relation to the PRO controller, which made Hori: button is much stronger protruding from the housing and to press them more comfortable around the d-pad is a round recess, to make it easier to make circular movements, and “triggers” have a concave surface, so your fingers are not slipping. All buttons are covered with anti-slip coating, and the “cap” sticks are rubberized. The key travel is average, all of the pressed are clearly visible.
Front can find the sync button and plug the USB Type C, just above the indicator (lights when the controller restores energy, blinks when the charge ends). Another indication is located closest to the user side displays the channel to which the module connected. On the bottom there is a hole to reset.
With built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, the device can track your movements in space, allowing, for example, “dialysates” a simple twist of the controller. But the NFC chip is not here, so load the data from the Amiibo will not work (however, this can always be done via the Joy-Con). - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Built-in battery lasts for days of continuous play. When any key is pressed, the controller turns on and turns off when the console is locked or by pressing sync. A full charge takes about three hours to restore the energy he can from any source.
Horipad Wireless connects with both the original Nintendo Switch and the Lite version Bluetooth 5.0, which provides stable communication distance of up to 10 m. To “make friends” device, go to the menu “Controllers” on the console, where you select the item “Change the way the hold”, and then hold for a few seconds the sync button on the controller. To reconnect, you just need to turn on the console and press any key on the controller. Random disconnects are happening, but input lag during gaming is not felt.
The novelty was tested in games like Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Odyssey, which uses all the functionality of the controller. Hands after a long “skating rink” don’t fall asleep and don’t slide down buttons: the controller in the hand like a glove.

The characters definitely respond to button clicks, no lag, errors, false positives gyro was observed. Of course, in some moments is clearly not enough vibration, but such a fee for the discounted price. By the way, in the same Nintendo Lite Switch vibration either, but it does not prevent to enjoy her games.
If you need a licensed controller for the Nintendo Switch with which there will be problems, and you are willing to sacrifice the vibration feedback to conserve 2,000 rubles, then find something better Horipad Wireless will be difficult. It is remarkable that the manufacturer does not copy blindly PRO-controller, and making small changes that enhance usability. Well, fans of Mario or Zelda should come to taste the branded versions of the devices.
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