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Helps to lose weight aloe Vera juice: meet nutritionists

Aloe Vera helps to get rid of the burn you’ve probably heard more than once. But now the juice of this succulent plants declares the newest tool for weight loss. Nutritionists say that its use can speed up the metabolism, helps digestion and burns calories. Not to mention what wonders it does to skin (drew Barrymore will confirm!). SPLETNIK.RU together with experts understands, whether so it actually.

What is the aloe Vera juice?

Use aloe Vera, people started almost five thousand years ago. The aloe Vera gel, found when you break the green leafy skin, is actively used for the treatment of burns, healing of bruises and even getting rid of psoriasis (Kim Kardashian uses based ointment of this plant). But as the aloe Vera juice, then it is not so clear. Until 2002, he could often be found in the composition of OTC laxatives. But because of the paucity of information regarding its safety for health of pharmaceutical companies almost stopped using this component.

Yes, you read that right: it laxatives. The leaves of aloe plants contain a compound anthraquinone called aloin, which has purgative properties. Such conclusions were made by scientists after a two-year study under the National toxicology program of the USA (National Toxicology Program).

So, does the aloe Vera juice?

Aloe Vera contains polyphenols which are antioxidants. Studies show that it also has vitamins a, C, E, b vitamins, anti-inflammatory enzymes and plant sterols to help maintain normal cholesterol levels. Moreover, the plant increases the amount of good bacteria in the gut, significantly improving its microflora, says Beth Warren, MD, founder of the Beth Warren Nutrition and the author of several books.

This ingredient is able to reduce the level of glucose in the blood, which also reduces the accumulation of fat and slows the absorption of sugar. And yet you feel full for long periods of time, thus preventing overeating.

But there are two different types of aloe Vera juice: the juice of a transparent gel-like substance inside aloe Vera leaves (mixed with water and sugar) and the juice from the whole leaf of the plant. This is something that you can (barely, though) to find on the shelves of supermarkets health food.

Medicinal preparations of aloe are made on the basis of the gel and the latex contained in the plant. Aloe gel is transparent and jelly-like substance contained in the leaf of a plant. Aloe latex is yellow and is located directly under the leaf skin.

Aloe normalizes the work of gastrointestinal tract. Preparations based on aloe, which does not include androgenicity (components external, coarse part of the leaf) regenerated mucosa of the digestive tract. Saponins, exornata acid, ramnose, contained in aloe, destroying bacteria, viruses and fungal culture, which is important for those who have a disturbed intestinal microflora (bacterial overgrowth syndrome and candidiasis). It also normalizes metabolic processes and has antioxidant properties due to the presence of large amounts of minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

Helps to cope with protein-energy malnutrition, as it contains not only interchangeable, but all 18 essential amino acids! As well as plant sterols, such as cholesterol, lupeol, campesterol and β-sitosterol, which can be an additional source of funds for the normalization of cholesterol level in blood, but not major,

says dietitian Austrian health center Galina Verba Mayr Bogomazov.

According to Warren, the juice of transparent gel substance that can contain more sugar than natural aloe Vera. In some of these drinks contain almost six teaspoons of sugar, which brings it closer in composition to the soda. This juice is no laxative action is not.
Juice of whole leaf aloe Vera is often sold as a dietary Supplement in health food stores. Some brands are also produced in the form of powder mixtures for beverages that contain other ingredients such as stevia, says Warren.

However, to drink bottles of the aloe Vera juice is not worth it. Instead, the experts recommend to use no more than 50 ml and mix with water, for example— he adds.

So what about weight loss?
The truth is that aloe Vera juice is pretty much just can lead to a temporary loss of water and therefore weight

— said Warren.

When we are talking about the tools for weight loss, you need to understand that miraculous substance science has not yet figured out. At the same time, supporting resources exist to complement the physical activity, restful sleep and balanced diet. These include aloe Vera as it helps to deal with the underlying pathologies that are hiding behind excess weight. We must remember that the reliable data on the ability of aloe Vera to lower the glucose levels in the blood there, as the loss of appetite,

— explains Galina Bogomazov.




Anna Iwaszkiewicz, nutritionist, clinical psychologist, nutritionist, member of the national Association of clinical nutrition

Yes, the aloe Vera juice is one of the most useful. However, this does not mean that you have to drink it on a regular basis, in unlimited quantities. It is necessary to know the measure in everything — is firstly, and secondly, without physical activity the aloe Vera juice will not do any miracle and will not reduce your weight by itself.


But if he comes as a Supplement to a regular, healthy, normal diet, regular physical activity or at least the implementation of the seven thousand steps per day on a regular basis — aloe juice will improve the functioning of the digestive system, improve microflora of the intestine. The use of aloe Vera juice must be diluted with water. The main advantage that the aloe Vera juice has a refreshing taste and dulls the appetite. That’s why he suggest for weight loss.

And, of course, if you stop to drink it, you can see that the arrow on the scale will go up again. In General, this is not the most reliable method for stable weight loss. Anyway, to take laxatives for weight loss is an unhealthy habit. Drinking large amounts of aloe Vera can also have quite serious health effects, including kidney damage, abdominal cramps and diarrhea.

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