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Hell expanding the boundaries: a review of the movie “Hellraiser 4: bloodline” (1996)

In the future, space plows the space ship that Dr. merchant has built the trap to pay off a demon Pinchada a curse of sorts. But the experiment is interrupted unexpectedly by a group of capture, which the doctor is forced to tell the story of the infernal boxes of lamarana Dating back to ancient times, and later wrapping in modern new York, where the tool fell into the hands of the architect John Merchant.

From the post of Director of the fourth film of the franchise at the time, refused Guillermo del Toro, is clearly not interested in developing the topic. To replace him came Kevin Yager, but as a result of the conflict with the producers he left the project, not docnav it to the end (in the credits of the Director prescribed as non-existent Alan Smithee), and his work was finished Joe Chappelle, Director of the sixth “Halloween”. The post writer, however, remained in Peter Atkins, whose contribution to the series even great, but whose mastery of the narrator already begins to raise questions.

Yeah, “Hellraiser 4” continues to develop the story cenobita, and with an epic scale – we now know the identity of the first owner of the box, as well as a logical continuation of the ending of the third film. Everything looks still easy and exciting, and sometimes even there is a no suspense – that’s really what the creators really should grateful nod. But the scenario also flaws have not gone away – when you escape from Pinched hero decides that it is appropriate to leave a child alone in the Elevator, and his wife was somehow at the right moment, suddenly know how intended to use the box. In this respect, things are exactly the same as with the third part, where first a slender plot in the end it had a ball, just to accommodate all the ideas of the creators, albeit at the expense of logic. Apparently, this problem is Atkins, which he has not yet learned to consider.

Again, let the creators and try to preserve the atmosphere of the first two parts, but a strong bias towards “dark fantasy” has finally became the main focus of the series. Creative once again, dismemberment is limited to close-UPS of falling to the floor bodies or flowing streams of red – Oh, not balcerowski it all. But Pinched, this time much more convincingly challenge from the background of the accessory to the first evil series continues to be fascinating. Doug Bradley really born for this role.

As for the rest of the caste? Bruce Ramsey played three of the roles of men kind of Lemarchand, but to be honest it is laid out only in the new York version, and the rest desperately bored in the frame. Among his colleagues come across a familiar face – it’s Adam Scott, currently known for her role in the TV series “Parks and recreation” and recently starred in the horror parody “a Little evil”, and Kim Myers, Jesse’s girlfriend from the second “Nightmare on elm street”. Well, young Courtland Mead, who plays the son of the main character, later will be the second screen Danny TORRANCE in the TV version of the Shining Mick Garris.

“Kinship” is very useful as an encyclopedic reference for fans of the franchise, because it gives answers to very interesting questions. On the whole, the sequel came out fun, if you close your eyes to severe lameness of the script in the final twenty minutes – but it seems that the weak endings have become the rule for all sequels to “Hellraiser”.

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