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Healthy sleep will help to lose weight

Здоровый сон поможет похудетьHealthy sleep is as important as diet and exercise, if you want to lose weight, say canadian scientists.

Various studies have proven that if you sleep at least seven hours each night, this can significantly increase the likelihood of weight loss during dieting.

Scientists are finding more evidence that lack of sleep enhances hunger signals in the brain, which in turn leads to increased level of hormones that affect our appetite, causing us to eat more.

The article, published in the journal of the Canadian medical Association, advises dietitians to consider sleep as an important addition to the diet and exercise that form the basis of weight loss programs.

In a recent experiment, researchers found that people who increased the duration of their sleep from six to seven to eight hours a day, was able to lose 2.5 kg more over six years diet.

So, the recent 17-week study among 123 persons suffering from overweight and obesity, showed that people who slept longer, were much more likely to lose more weight.

Researchers from the research Institute of Eastern Ontario and Laval University in Quebec city, I noticed that the data received indicates that the duration of sleep should not be overlooked when assigning the weight loss programs for obese patients, as during sleep the body loses 5 to 10% of fat cells.

Further research needs to identify the reasons which prevent us to fully sleep all night, such as watching TV in the evening, say scientists.

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