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Guest from the future predicted a quick war

Гость из будущего предсказал скорую войну The man claims that he traveled in time.

Jason Quitt, who claims that he can travel in time, recently spoke about the horrors of the great War. According to him, it will happen soon.

Jason Quitt is very popular in USA, because it has a huge variety of contacts and fanatical followers. He’s trying to prove to everyone that has some kind of system to control feelings. Thanks to her, he may for a long time to leave the body. This system, Jason does not like to share with everyone who is interested in it.

If you believe Jason, in the future the planet will rule a certain Artificial Intelligence. It will unite the minds of every person on Earth. All people will live happily and there will be troubles. It is worth noting that Association will be such that people will be able to communicate via thoughts not only with each other but also with a variety of subjects. But soon after the start of the Great War between humanity and aliens. Second want to change everything that happens on Earth.

Jason did not want to during the interview on the radio show “coast to coast” to tell the details, and only said that it was his worst experience ever because moving into the future reminded him of the brief journey to Hell and back into reality.

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