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George Romero will ride the audience on the “Road of the dead”

Missed him? 77-year-old godfather of the zombie genre George A. Romero is going to release a new film about the restless dead.

This summer, the project will be presented at Frontières, event fundraising, which will be part of the Fantasia international film festival from 20 to 23 July in Montreal.

It is known that by directing Romero will not return, handing the command of the parade this time Matt Birman. The last thing you can remember as an actor, not just flashed in a zombie franchise. Moreover, in such films as “the land of the dead”,”diary of the dead” and “survival of the dead” Birman, in fact, served as the second Director. So obviously he’s the best person for the job in the new film.

In addition, it turns out that the idea of “Road of the dead” is also suggested Birman, and ten years ago! Now, Romero wrote the script, and we can share with you dashing synopsis of this story:

The story unfolds on an island where a zombie chained to a racing car, have to fight each other in a modern Colosseum for the amusement of the local rich.

I want to say something like: s-S-s-s! Zombies, racing, gladiators… Well, pretty cool!

Birman describes this film as a mixture of “Mad max 2” and “Rollerball” during NASCAR races. And obviously, it’s inspired by the classic peplum “Ben Hur”. Damn, that sounds even better!

Well, let’s hope that this film will find sources for financing and will be removed.

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