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Garmin Forerunner 245 Music – best sports watch

Mobile technology is once “killed” watches, but they also “revived” them in the guise of trackers, fitness bands and other smart wearable devices. Now millions of people around the world daily are monitoring the steps and calories burned. Interestingly, for these athletes, these “toys” poorly suited: most such devices are simply not enough opportunities for detailed analysis or planning, training, and measurement accuracy often leaves much to be desired.

Fortunately, specialized devices for sports too, for example, Garmin in its history has managed to “eat” a dozen dogs in this area. Although the gadgets of their production and are much more than most common “sports accessories”, but the athletes they offer a really wide functionality. One of the novelties – smart watch Forerunner 245 Music , which although included in the “cross country” line, but an excellent job with the recording and analysis of dozens of sports disciplines: from yoga to Cycling. The gadget monitors heart rate in real time, detects the track movement, detects in the blood the amount of oxygen that analyzes sleep, receives notifications from your smartphone and even has a functional music player.


Compared to previous models, the Forerunner 245 received more “sporty design” absorbing features of the line Garmin Fenix, but the size and weight, conversely, become somewhat smaller: 42.3×42.3×12.2 mm and 38.5 g, respectively. The main advantage of the screen technology transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP), allowing him to be on all the time without compromising the autonomy and don’t “go blind” under the direct rays of the sun. Since MIP-the screen itself is not lit, then the device has a separate backlight, activated by pressing a button or a twist of the wrist. The display has a circular shape with a diameter of 1.2 inches, resolution up to 240×240 pixels, making fonts more smooth. From damage protects screen, bezel, speaker at 0.15 mm and tempered glass Gorilla Glass 3.

As during the lessons some activities, use the touch screen quite problematic at Forerunner 245 implemented by mechanical push-button control. Made of metal “Start” button (marked in red) and “Back” are right and “Backlight”, “Up” and “Down” on the left. They are signed, although quite small. Keys protruding from the casing, allowing you to press them comfortably.

The case is made of matte black plastic, durable and solid: a couple of months of “hard” use, the case did not appear to be unharmed. Moreover, the watch is sealed and can withstand immersion to a depth of 50 m. working range temperature there is -20 to 60 degrees Celsius, but I have them with valor even survived 15 minutes in the Russian bath. On the reverse side is an updated heart rate monitor, the speaker from the enclosure is significantly less than in previous models. Nearby is the contact for charging.

The strap is made of elastic hypoallergenic silicone, and the wrist less sweating throughout the length of the perforation is made. On the axes there are small levers through which the strap is easily removed. The watch is compatible with Garmin straps, and universal width of 22 mm. Uses the classic metal clasp.

“Iron filling”

Garmin keeps secret the data about the processor and amount of RAM, and available to the user here, the constant 3.5 GB, it is possible to record about five hundred songs. Although, at that price, the device could supply the flash module and more. A portion of memory dedicated to storing the recorded data.

Forerunner 245 supports navigation systems GPS, GLONASS and Galileo which gadget sinhroniziruete time and builds tracks distance traveled. For reading rate and determine the number of oxygen sensors are used to Garmin Elevate and Pulse Ox. Measurement accuracy is 95-97%, to be exact – only with an optional chest strap that syncs with the clock on the Protocol ANT+ (on sale there are other external accessories). Built-in Wi-Fi module will be useful for downloading tracks, firmware updates and synchronize with the account without a smartphone. With the latter they are connected to via the Bluetooth Protocol, the same type of connection used to connect to the wireless headphones.

The main sensor, of course, the accelerometer. He is counting the steps, repetitions in the gym and strokes in the pool. To inform the user uses a built-in vibration motor, a speaker phone or headphones are plugged in – its speaker is not here. Unfortunately, the clock no altimeter, so they define the height using the sensor and GPS information from the card, not differing in this issue is very accurate.


If to describe in detail all capabilities, which has 245 Forerunner Music, the review would have lasted for tens of pages, therefore, will focus only on the most interesting. Like most other smart watches, Forerunner shows SMS, messages from instant messengers and other notifications, and incoming call can be answered with the message, to accept or reject. The same clock will remind you when it’s time to warm up.

Most of the information displayed by the widget set: daily activity, heart rate (in real time or on demand), the level of oxygen in the blood, weather, workout of the day and more. If not enough, it is possible to load extra widgets and watch faces and apps from the store Garmin IQ. To access the basic functions like a stopwatch or your phone has a separate menu.

For a detailed analysis of the information by creating an account, it’s best to use a smartphone or PC, after installing the Garmin Connect or Garmin Express, respectively. Data hours are reported on a separate labels that can be easily analyzed. When you touch you can enter details with maps and graphs. The only negative in all this is to begin to understand all of the information obtained from hours, will have to spend few hours of your time. Out of interest: determining a fitness age, the diagram of aerobic and anaerobic training effects, the fixation of the level of stress and increased Body Battery, which is a graph of the consumption/energy-sensitive activity and sleep, and by connecting the app My Fitness Pal, you can make the number of calories consumed with food. The program motivates the user awards like “Personal record by running 100 meters” or “The big swim in the pool.” You can share results with friends in social networks.

For beginners will be an interesting free service Garmin Coach, where, on the basis of recommendations from famous athletes is a plan cross-country training for several months, which is great help when preparing for any competition. At the same time, the plan will be adjusted, in accordance with the capabilities of the athlete. The service will additionally include video tutorials, coaching tips, detailed articles on proper nutrition and maintaining running form. To program the workout either by yourself, or using already created by other users.

With Forerunner 245 Music you can control playback of songs on your phone, or uploading tracks to the device memory, listen to music directly on the watch through wireless headphones. The latter scenario will allow you to leave your smartphone at home while Jogging, not limiting themselves to music. The device is also compatible with the services Deezer and Spotify.


Speed “melting” of the battery changes depending on the mode of operation. If you use the gadget as a simple clock with counting steps, then the battery will last for 14 days. In the mode of the smart watch with notifications from your smartphone, the gadget will last 11 days. Adding sleep monitoring and heart rate – and the batteries will last for 8 days. In training mode, with recording of the track – Forerunner will last only 24 hours, but the quicker the battery drains listening to music: charge in this case will be enough for 7 hours. I have an average battery hours is enough for 4-5 days, given the continuous measurement of heart rate and workout through the day. Charging is done via proprietary connector without any docking stations or clamps for two hours.

User experience

If you teach yourself, the Forerunner can be easily worn all the time, removing only for recharging. Steps are counted with an accuracy of more than 95%, the sensor does not respond to shaking in transport and Mahi hands. The target value is set either manually or dynamically changed, depending on the testimony of the previous day. During exercise “Walking”, recorded the time, distance and speed. Clock output pulse readings and stress levels and draw on the map the path. If you want, using your own navigation utility watch will help to go back to the beginning, that would be very useful when training on unfamiliar terrain. There is a pause mode in which measurement stops during stops, and using a metronome to set the desired rhythm. You have the option to compete with “Virtual partner” or result obtained in the last exercise.

In the process of power training hours estimate, record the time spent on exercise and rest, control pulse, count the number of sets and repetitions. For correct calculation it is necessary to make clear and sweeping motions, and with each repetition the accuracy of the measurement increases. In addition, Forerunner can even determine the type of exercise. Of course, in cases where hands are not used, the accuracy of measurement can not speak. Before run on the track, you need to calibrate the clock, otherwise the readings will be incorrect.

Before the water training, you should specify the length of the pool, and the watch will record how many times the swimmer crosses the pool and how many strokes he will at the same time. As in the previous case, Forerunner will determine the style of swimming, as long as the strokes were correct, and when style is changed, you must notify the hours. The error is 2-3 strokes for every 100 m. Additionally, the count Swolf score.


245 Forerunner Music – not a cheap smart watch designed for those who intend to play sports seriously. They not only have the widest range of functions able to satisfy the demands of virtually any athlete, but for everyday life, being stylish and fashionable “smart” accessory. Music lovers also will appreciate the “trick” of listening to music with hours. In short, Garmin keeps the brand.

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