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Garmin Fenix 6X Pro – the best gadget for sports

In the world there are hundreds of models of smart watches and bracelets, but become a real helper in the sport can only units, and the line Garmin Fenix 6 is one of those. Here the most modern sensors, supported dozens of sports, you can create your own workouts and use the services of virtual coaches. In addition, during class you will never be lost, will not be left without money or music. Yes, and the watch looks just gorgeous.

The series of watches Garmin Fenix 6 includes several models.
– Fenix 6 – basic version where there is no Wi-Fi, navigation and built-in player;
– Fenix 6 Pro, where there is all of the above;
– Fenix 6 Sapphire functionality “Proshka” and sapphire glass;
– Fenix 6 Pro Solar – the most advanced model with built-in screen solar battery.
The device also separated by size:
– Fenix 6s – diameter 42 mm (1.2 inch screen);
The Fenix 6 is the diameter of 47 mm (1.3 inch screen);
– Fenix 6X – diameter of 51 mm (1.4 inch screen).

Watch differ complete straps: available in nylon, leather, silicon or titanium. The prices between models can vary by half. Today we will talk about a model Fenix 6X Pro.

Watch pleasing his “masculine” design: diameter 51 mm, thickness 15 mm, five outstanding from the case buttons and metal speaker bezel. Corresponds to the weight – 93 grams. Long wear are not taking off, not everyone is capable. The case is made of high-strength plastic, which copes with various blows of fate. In hours you can also swim and dive (WR 100M). On the right is a hole, which reported pressure and temperature with the environment. On the lower metal plate are optical Elevate heart rate monitor, oximeter PulseOx, and socket for charging and PC connection. Attached “the Phoenix on the hand with a soft silicone strap. If desired, the bracelet can be replaced by any other with a width of 22 mm.

The display is 36% more than in the past generation hours: its diameter is 1.4 inches. The display is built on the technology of Transflective Memory-in-pixel, which allows him to be always on, does not fade in the sun, while keeping the clock high autonomy. Since the screen does not emit light itself, you had to use a backlight, which may include, for example, after sunset, a simple turn of the hand. Resolution of the screen (280×280 pixels) is sufficient to display smooth fonts. From scratches the display is protected by Gorilla glass DX, covered with a water-repellent composition.

The control is performed with mechanical keys: during training it is much easier to press the button than to use the sensor. Up and Down move between items, the “Back/Lap” translates into the level up menu or commits a circle, “Start/Select” makes a choice or starts the training mode and the Backlight turns on the light. Separate teams are tied to long-press, for example, holding the “Illumination” provides access to a quick menu where you can gather most popular functions. In addition, it is possible to set activation functions for the shortcut key.

All useful information is presented in the tape with widgets (on screen simultaneously displays three): sensors, weather, calendar, records your workouts, daily activity and so on. To view more detailed information, you must select the widget and click the “Start/Select”. The display of unnecessary data is disabled in settings.

Training starts with the button “Start/Select”. The user is given the choice of more than three dozen sports, including walking, running, climbing, Cycling, swimming, rowing, skiing, skydiving, snowboarding, yoga, Golf, sports equipment and many others. If that’s not enough, you can create your own preset, including multirename. On the data screens display up to 8 custom fields with information: the number of steps, speed, heart rate, timer, the amount of oxygen in the blood, training effect and so on. For all trainings, passing on the street, on a separate screen watch navigate with the integrated GPS module. To mark a segment, a fixation of the complete approach or a change of discipline, you must press “Back/Lap”.

Function Pace Pro will be useful for long distance runners. Given the climbs, the descents, the contestant and the chosen strategy of running, “Phoenix” break the route into sections, allowing the runner go the distance optimally. Another useful option is – Garmin Coach. Based on the recommendations of professional trainers, will be compiled monthly schedule of cross-country training, and the watch is sure to remind about the scheduled classes. If you want, you can own to develop a lesson plan.

From Fenix 6X Pro, like any normal smart watches have their own mobile app – Garmin Connect. The received data is grouped by labels: daily activity data, heart rate, stress levels, sleep and so on. A separate widget will be created for each exercise. To obtain detailed information for analysis with graphs and maps, simply touch the appropriate icon. To bind data to a specific day, and with the option “Calendar”, you can see activity for any number, or to sort the data by any attribute. Your achievements can be shared on social networks. WEB application version further extends the capabilities of data processing. It is worth noting that almost all functions available on the watch itself, it’s just not as convenient.

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