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Garbage and car tires made a billion dollars

Утилизатор авто и шин заработал миллиард долларов

A few years ago recycling, by analogy with the Russian Federation, was introduced in the automotive industry in support of domestic Assembly plants. The latter argue that this measure has led to significant growth and development of the automotive sector in Kazakhstan.

As actually running the car recycling fee in the country, the President of Kazakhstan, Kasym-Zhomart Tokaev said during yesterday’s meeting a member of the National Council of public confidence (NAD) Kazakhstan Utamakan Amirty.

Private garbage and car tires too “RAD” for three years received about $1 billion, said Amichai the head of state.

“For three years of work too “RAD” has already collected about $1 billion Annually from the economy to the private company pulled out about 150 billion tenge. A serious hole in our economy,” said Amitai.

The representative further details NAD told the President how to earn the money, reports the Internet newspaper Zonakz.

According to estimates of experts, the waste heat from one bus gets 37 tenge, of which KZT 7 it spends on its operating costs (literally: “To life, tea-pie, bread with caviar”). About 26.5 tenge (70% of the total) and transport costs. And only about a 3.5 tenge is spent directly on the processing.

Note, the issue of introduction of utilization fee on farming machinery to the Ministry of investment and infrastructural development initiated in 2016. The discussions were long, but, in the end, the domestic Assembly plants were able to lobby for this innovation. Advanced farmers in the country believe that the development of engineering in Kazakhstan it will not give anything. And in the agricultural sector by the government and not be a “shot in own foot” — a senseless act that brings harm to yourself.

Experts interviewed “КазахЗерно.kz”, doubt in the transparency of the procedure, according to them, the money will go not to the budget, but in someone’s pockets.

So should we expect a similar effect in agricultural engineering?

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