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Four signs that will help you recognize a stroke

Четыре признака, которые помогут распознать инсультNote.

Stroke recently rejuvenated. With 55 years of age progressed to 40 years. In order to detect it, one must know what to pay attention in the first place.

Stroke — a sudden and rapid circulation of the brain due to blockage of atherosclerotic plaque, thrombus or rupture of blood vessels of the brain. From disorders of blood circulation there is a lack of oxygen. It causes damage and death of nerve cells.

The patient is paralysis, loss of speech, impaired balance.

For a more accurate verification of the diagnosis should be asked of the patient:

smile. When you stroke the smile is curve: on the one hand the corner of the lip goes down and not lifted up;

to say a simple sentence. People will speak slowly and haltingly;

to raise their hands. One hand is below;

his tongue hanging out. It is a curve or irregular, or the West on one side.

If you suspect a stroke in yourself or others, immediately call “fast”.

Procrastination — the desire “to lie down”, reluctance to go to the hospital — like death. Optimum assistance in the first 4:00.

Before the arrival of the doctor immediately:

to lay the victim on a high pillow to keep the head raised;

to open the window to ventilate;

to remove or unfasten the garment that makes breathing difficult;

to measure blood pressure. If it is elevated, give the man the drugs he usually takes to reduce the pressure, you can also take some light sedatives;

if vomiting occurs, turn victim’s head to the side to vomit do not fall into the respiratory tract.

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