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Force majeure must be able to explain properly

Форс-мажор надо уметь правильно объяснить

The fact that the society is tired of stagnation, does not mean that it wanted state of emergency. People expect normal systemic reform, not sudden contactless vote in the midst of the pandemic and early elections in the spirit of “grab bags station departs!”.

If the regime will agree to the postponement of the parliamentary election campaign, then there is no doubt that the dominant will be the interpretation proposed by the opposition: “the Authorities know what’s next, completely cover, so in no hurry to hold elections now while the crisis is not completely covered”. The Kremlin version of “the new Constitution — the new Duma” has no chance. At least because people feel the wickedness of that phrase. They understand that from the point of view of real politics, a new Constitution, nothing has changed: Putin has been the absolute master of the country, and it still is, and all of these constitutional amendments are just words that have no relevance to the case.

Force majeure must be able not only to organize but also the right to explain.


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