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For traveler: what should you know before going to Tunisia. Photo

Туристу на заметку: что стоит знать, отправляясь в Тунис. ФотоHow to get from the trip an unforgettable experience.

How to choose a resort?

The oldest city of Tunisia, Sousse, also called “the pearl of the coast”, is considered the youth place. Here you will find a vibrant night life. It attracts lovers of discos. Hammamet is a relaxing beach vacation and a great variety of hotels that will appreciate the more adult fans of comfort. Well, the island of Djerba will suit both. There is always a bit warmer than in other areas, as well as the magnificent sandy beaches with clear water. Traditional swimming or extreme sports in Djerba — only you can decide.


Туристу на заметку: что стоит знать, отправляясь в Тунис. Фото

In Tunisia pay in local currency — dinars. You do not need to change money at the airport, where there are often unfavorable rate, or to urgently look for the nearest office in the city. Almost in every hotel you can do to them, where the exchange policy is the same as everywhere.


Туристу на заметку: что стоит знать, отправляясь в Тунис. Фото

The Tunisian people are sociable and love to learn foreign languages, most people speak two or three, and in recent years became very popular Russian language.

The nice thing is that in Tunisia there is no compulsion of service or undue attention, which can sometimes be found in other Eastern countries. “Climb on the camel — $2, peel — $20” is not about Tunisia. If you refuse an offer the day you will smile and depart. And will always help if you ask. Just…


Туристу на заметку: что стоит знать, отправляясь в Тунис. Фото

In Tunisia you can afford to travel by taxi without fear of losing all funds. This type of transport is very popular and almost equates to public. Trip within one tourist area, for example, in Djerba, will cost $2-4. The machine can be split with other passengers. So if you see a cherished car on the horizon, and the driver is not alone, feel free to vote. You will capture if you are on the way. The price, the more likely you will pay the same as if I went alone, but will save time.

Car rental

Туристу на заметку: что стоит знать, отправляясь в Тунис. Фото

Independent travel can be more intense than the official excursions and rent a car in Tunisia is very simple, including online. In two days you pay $70-100. Take the car for a few days — you can count on a discount. Then just set your destination in Google Maps, and voila! Adventure you provided. During a solo trip to Tatooine, for example, you will see herds of camels in the desert (note the sign along the road), will be able to collect salt from the pink lakes, which will you meet along the way (it is unfit for food, but it is possible to take a bath), and not just enjoy the real flavor of small settlements.

Where to stay

Туристу на заметку: что стоит знать, отправляясь в Тунис. Фото

Hotels in Tunisia abound. Want comfort and confidence — book a room in advance. If your goal is to save money, ask how much a room right on the spot. In almost all cases, if it is a small hotel, cash you will pay less. The secret is in the Commission, which shall calculate the Internet service and you pay when booking online. Besides, some hotels are not registered with such services. But you can find them by talking with locals. Just ask their recommendations, and you will be happy to answer and even taken.

What to buy

Туристу на заметку: что стоит знать, отправляясь в Тунис. Фото

When shopping pay attention to state stores “Generale”. You can find them at almost any resort. The prices are much lower than in other retail outlets, and sold virtually everything — from food items to Souvenirs.

Figs. If you want to find the most fresh fruits, you should know that the new crop are harvested from August to November. However, you can buy them all year round. Or in the market or in large supermarkets.

Spices. Go hunt for them on the local market. These can often be found right on the side of the road. You will pay the price in a couple of times less than the store. And the freshness of the product can be checked independently spices if you measure from a large bag in a plastic bag. Please note on the harissa. This pasty sauce that is a mixture of red chili peppers, coriander, cumin and garlic. You can buy a home version sold on the Bazaar and shop. Another interesting mixture called baharat. It is made from black pepper, cardamom, cumin, cloves, nutmeg and rose petals. Also you can take home some great quality saffron, coriander and white pepper.

Another Tunisia is to bring a wonderful natural cosmetics (better to buy it in specialized stores and centers), cheap articles of leather (all kinds of bags and purses), silver and gold, ceramic and glass crafts, Shisha and Oriental sweets. Drinks interesting date liqueur (200-300 rubles) and citrus tincture secretin (about 500 rubles). Oh and a note to shoppers. If the fixed price in the supermarkets seems a boring idea, but the small market was not all that you need — try to “taste” all the colors of the Oriental Bazaar! Each city has its own Souk — the Bazaar and trade center. They say that the local merchants get a special pleasure from the prices and advantages of the product. A bargain, as the owner of the shop, here is part of the culture.

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