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For a cheerful comment for this photo we will give you a terrible book

In the battle for the novel “Fatalist” autographed by its author, Victor Glebov, won the veteran contests the Zone Horror is Immortal. Your details to send the prize we have already handed over to comrade Glebov, well, anyone who still wishes to get a “Fatalist” sent to a known address, where you can learn about places of sale of the novel.

We continue a competitive marathon Zone Horror. And if the last time in the spotlight was the movie “It”, now we pay tribute to the success of the Russian project “Gogol. The beginning.” Need I remind you the rules? They are simple and remain unchanged for that week! Your task is to come up with a funny caption to the offered photos (see below). 1 review – 1 signature. A number of comments from a participant is not limited (as, I hope, has no boundaries and your imagination). By the end of the week we will select 9-10 the more amusing comments we’ll pick a winner.

And the prize we will be quite suitable for a contest associated with the name of Gogol – an anthology of mystic horror “13 witches”. Now easier to buy a reissue of this best-selling paperback, and we’ll give the winner a copy of the first edition, in hardcover, with illustration and according to your desire – with the autograph of the compiler.

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