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February music

The premiere of this film took place in 2015 at the festival Beyond Fest. Then the movie was called “Feb” (February), although later it for American distribution, it was renamed The Blackcoat”s Daughter. “February” was the directorial debut of a young Osgood Perkins, a native son of the actor Anthony Perkins – the same one that played maniac Norman Bates in “Psycho” by Alfred Hitchcock. The debut was a success – the work of Perkins, Jr., was compared to “the Shining” Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch.

Few people know, however, that the music for “February,” wrote another Perkins – brother Osgood, Elvis Perkins, a talented musician, on which account several of their own albums. 27 March 2017 written by Elvis Perkins, soundtrack was released by Mondo and is now available for listening online.

Well, about the movie:

Rose and Kate were on a winter vacation in a Catholic boarding school. Both did not attend the parents, but the girls seem not very much and wanted to meet with relatives.
Compassionate man picks up at the gas station lonely girl Joan, his wife taking her to the nearest village. Joan from someone running, and something from the past haunts the girl.

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