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Fan improved 15 thousand textures Fallout: New Vegas

Фанат улучшил 15 тысяч текстур Fallout: New VegasAccording to the author, the creation of the package took several months.

Fallout: New Vegas came more than eight years ago, but interest in it has not weakened even after the release of Fallout 4 (Fallout of 76 and say no). Fans continue to produce for it various modifications – from an extensive storyline to graphics. Among the latter special attention was attracted by a package of high resolution textures from the canadian programmer DcCharge created with the rapidly growing popularity of neural network programs and tools like Gigapixel ESRGAN and AI.

“If you play Fallout: New Vegas on the big or just a really good monitor or widescreen TV, you might notice that the picture is a little fuzzy, wrote the author. Even if you download all the textures from Nexus Mods, it will not solve the problem entirely. I tried to correct this deficiency”.

Modification of Charge s FNV HD Texture Packs available for download on Nexus Mods (where you can also find more comparative screenshots). The Creator has improved the quality of some thirteen thousand textures from the main game and about two thousand from the additions. Better to look almost all – from the boot screens to transportation, weapons and enemies. The Modder left untouched only the texture level of detail (level of detail, LOD), wooden signs and some are involved in the interface. First, he is going to see how improved versions of these elements will enhance the hardware load.

DcCharge used Gigapixel AI, Waifu2x, ESRGAN, ImageMagick, GIMP editor 2 and scripting language Open Object REXX. The resolution of some textures has quadrupled, but the Creator also shared his version with a resolution of up to 2048 × 2048 for owners not very powerful PC (for the first option he recommends a video card with 3-4 GB of VRAM).

According to the author, the creation of the package took several months. “Two desktop and one old laptop worked day and night at full load, – he wrote. – I compared the results of processing with different software, and manually selected the best. I don’t make a choice blindly in favor of whatever program. Apply alpha mask, cube maps and normal maps. Even editing the image itself, if required. No texture is left unchanged!”.

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